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    @Anonik when will the update come? just that as soon as I read of you saying it might come for that update I already got Impatient, Also what do i do with the Microsoft NET. framework???

    Domingo 11 de Xullo de 2021
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    @Anonik if that update into the C ++ when will it happen? Also about the Microsoft NET.frame work what do i do with that? insert it into my GTAV folder???????

    Domingo 11 de Xullo de 2021
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    @Anonic Ok, i will wait and see, for now i will use kiddions or some other ppl R giving me paid mods for free tho

    Sábado 10 de Xullo de 2021
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    Hey @Anonik Can you make it so it only requires "ScripthookV, and NativeTrainsier.asi"? or also make it into a ".exe" something like kiddions has? So like "Essential-Menu.exe" just that i spent lots of hours trying to find out how to mod and stuff and it worked and now i dont feel like downloading all the necessary files for it to work and try figuring out how to make it actually work, and make sure their the correct files not the wrong ones. Can you? would really be awesome (for me, hope for others too) also maybe add "config.json" or whatever, i just want it to be .exe

    also send me a Email bc i might never check this again: DannyChanny208@gmail.com

    Venres 9 de Xullo de 2021