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    @MattyPHD Thank you! :-)

    Sábado 13 de Febreiro de 2016
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    Good work! I got a question, I really wan't to make custom cars myself, is there a recommended software for it? :)

    Sábado 13 de Febreiro de 2016
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    The car look really nice, good work on that! but the handling is awful. I now how to reaplace the handling and change it but have no idea what numbers i am going write, can someone give me a handling so i can just paste it in notes pls :( Have a good day

    Xoves 21 de Xaneiro de 2016
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    @Anaconda Drag the Dlclist.xml to the deskop, open it with Word pad or Notes, save and drag it back to the open iv

    Martes 19 de Xaneiro de 2016
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    @Guardian_Primo Seems like you got lost there to like i did, Go to trainerv.ini in script or gta 5 folder, Search for [AddedCars] if you don't find it, just add this in to the trainerv.ini
    DisplayName1=BMW M3 GTS
    Next time read what he said close. If this don't work, i'm sorry. Have a good day ;)
    Forgot to say this to the creator,Thanks for the mod KAMELKFB! ;)

    Xoves 14 de Xaneiro de 2016
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    Hi i got it now, it was easy. I was stuck on the spawning thing. But i read your redme again.I did't find added cars inte trainerv.iv so i just added (AddedCars) and that other stuff lol. Haha can't belive i got stuck on such a simple thing xD Anyway nice car, btw i'm Swedish so my english grammar might not be a dream lol

    Xoves 14 de Xaneiro de 2016
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    It looks awsome and i understand you put alot of work in this, alot.
    I'm so sorry for being anoying and i probably sounds like a real noob :P
    But i seem to not be alone with this problem.
    I tried to spawn the car in 3 diffrent trainers, plus i changed the name in trainer.ini
    And i read the instructions, but still i am so cofused about the whole installation.
    I now it stands two steps. I did those plus the other things you wrote.
    But today I just gave up and delited the whole mod. And i did everythig i could .
    It would bright my an maybe others day if someone, just someone did a short simple video or write in detail how to install this. Anyway, pls don't hate me, Merry cristmas

    Domingo 20 de Decembro de 2015