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    Hey, so I got an error "invalid twitch channel. Please verify your config." But my channel name is correct, it was working just fine, then a crash occurred and after the crash I got that error. It happened the other day, I just closed the error message and restarted the mod and that fixed it, HOWEVER it happened again yesterday and when I tried to reset the mod the game crashed. And since that I'm either stuck in infinite loading screen when I launch it or if I remove and re-add chaos it loads the game, but then gives the error again and crashes if I reset chaos.

    Someone on twitch told me that it's an issue with version 2 of Chaos so I downgraded to "1.11.6" for now and it seems to be fine.

    Xoves 23 de Novembro de 2023
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    @Parik Right, that is correct I have removed the missions.txt, however that's because as far as I can see there isn't an option in the config to remove the mission randomizer and when I googled it the way to remove it was to remove the txt... how am I meant to turn off mission randomizer then?

    Sábado 24 de Decembro de 2022
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    Yo, not sure if I should report issues here, but I don't see anywhere else, but a couple issues I've had thus far was at the end of "Casing the Jewel Store" got softlocked as I was looking at the board (as Lester is talking and describing the approaches he just stops). Tried it 4 times (the first 1-2 with chaos, after which I disabled it when I reached that cutscene) all the times it got softlocked, then removed the mod and it worked. However after I restarted the game to re-enable raninbomizer it had completely changed my choices for the approach and the crew.

    Another issue was on "carbine rifles" if you fail once and retry the mission you're in a weird state where you are considered in a mission but you don't have an objective, I'm not sure whether it's because the vehicle that you steal is randomized or because in vanilla when you retry the mission you actually respawn just outside of the mission and need to re-activate it. Either ways the only thing to do once you fail is to quit out of the mission and then kill yourself out of mission to progress time so the mission respawns.

    Mércores 7 de Decembro de 2022