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  • 72e7a1 gay test

    Please make an oiv to uninstall the mod, in my mods, I have one that conflicts with this mod, but the problem is that if I uninstall it manually, the game stops working, and always so that the files are not damaged, it depends The game of this mod, even if I delete the RDE folder in UPDATE, and put a clean gameconfig and dlclist folder, it still crashes when opening, even if I delete the RDE only, if I open the game, but there will be no police or nothing, I tried everything to delete it, and nothing was effective, if I had an oiv to uninstall it, it would be great :)

    Venres 1 de Marzo de 2024
  • 72e7a1 gay test

    Could you make this mod work east of Los Santos? because the maps of Liberty City are always found in this place, and they could make these patrols appear only in Liberty City, just as the RDE does, but only that since this mod is not compatible with the map, pure ships of the Coast Guard below the map, I would like the vehicles to appear east of Los Santos.

    Mércores 28 de Febreiro de 2024
  • 72e7a1 gay test

    Which lemonUI should I install of all of them?

    Venres 9 de Febreiro de 2024
  • 72e7a1 gay test


    Xoves 8 de Febreiro de 2024