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  • Trevor3

    The car pack looks amazing but the POLICE.yft model is missing textures on some and has got that purple greenish color to it although not on all of them which is weird. any idea how to fix it?

    Luns 10 de Abril de 2017
  • Trevor3

    @Liberty-gamer1247 Then make your game more realistic and stop telling what other people want to do with their game because that is THEIR decision NOT yours. Personally I make my game look like LA with LAPD and LAFD and all that but sometimes i make my game have every vehicle and everything else from the UK and sometimes Sweden or Denmark where i am from. Enjoy your game and the mods that are available to you instead of being this pissed of guy on the internet with issues and hate towards people you don´t know.

    Martes 17 de Xaneiro de 2017
  • Trevor3

    @Liberty-gamer1247 So because i make a little spelling error i don´t think before i comment?! Yeah that logic is just really clever and totally makes you look smart. Try next time to correct the mistake properly next time instead of making the same mistake and then saying "think before commenting".

    Domingo 15 de Xaneiro de 2017
  • Trevor3

    @Liberty-gamer1247 You might be. Wait are you tying to be like that troll Eshenk that is on here complaining about every mod that isn´t made to resemble anything from California? Don´t be that guy

    Venres 13 de Xaneiro de 2017
  • Trevor3

    Nu hvor ELS er ude opdaterer du så dine biler til at understøtte det? Det kunne være mega nice nemlig :D

    Luns 26 de Decembro de 2016
  • Trevor3

    Do you have any plans on updating your cars to support ELS? I would love if you are planning to do so because most of my patrol cars comes from you.

    Domingo 25 de Decembro de 2016
  • Trevor3

    @LNgz13 Really dude?! you are really asking for help with your ILLEGAL copy of GTA V?! Really?! Come back and ask for help when you´ve got a legal copy that way we can actually help you out.

    Martes 29 de Novembro de 2016
  • Trevor3

    Looks really nice especially the interior. I do want to mention that the middle screen in the instrument cluster isn´t from the A class. I should know since i own one although it´s an A180 CDI but it´s the pretty much the same instrument cluster panels they use since the two are almost identical.

    Mércores 16 de Novembro de 2016
  • Trevor3

    *Threat. Thread is something you use when you are sewing ;)

    Sábado 13 de Agosto de 2016
  • Trevor3

    @ThomasH33 Sorry xD Am i the only one waiting for Eshenk to say something like "GTA isn´t Canada!" ?

    Xoves 4 de Agosto de 2016