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    was a 5 star but no updates have been made to make the simple trainer work

    Domingo 26 de Febreiro de 2023
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    please can we have a new update, iv been using this menu for years and loved every second of it

    Martes 14 de Febreiro de 2023
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    iv just noticed that the lost mc at mirror park seams to be a bit broken as the original door that you cant get threw is still there with the new open interior door that is preventing me from getting into the building, i would sent you the video to go with it but it wont let me

    Sábado 10 de Abril de 2021
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    I love this script to bits but iv found a problem, when I'm using a freemode character and I add a bike helmet on it doesn't make it count as a helmet so I get a ticket for not wearing a helmet, is it possible to change age it, no worries if not.

    Domingo 21 de Febreiro de 2021
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    the sight is broken on the EOTECH version as it looks like it has been painted on

    Mércores 17 de Febreiro de 2021