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  • E33b97 parrot (gta5mods)2

    @nj5050 You can basically make it a replace file very easily. In carvariations.meta, you can just use sirenSettings = 1, and then change the mod kit to "0_default_modkit", then you don't need the csign yft files or any custom kits/lighting, so you can just rename the vehicle's files to the car you want to replace.

    Xoves 8 de Xuño de 2023
  • E33b97 parrot (gta5mods)2

    Finally a 2020 version of the Scout! Awesome job with this model. I love that your vehicles are so close to the vanilla-style, but an improved version. Yours are the best out there, keep it up! :)

    Xoves 8 de Xuño de 2023
  • E33b97 parrot (gta5mods)2

    These are some of the nicest vehicles out there! Another great mod by sas994! It's nice that you included the optional lighting setup and pushbar too. I wish more mod creators would provide options like this to the users; thank you.

    Xoves 14 de Xaneiro de 2021
  • E33b97 parrot (gta5mods)2

    @sas994 I mean mapped as in it has a template to make your own skins (like the link you provided) but also is an unmarked police car. The one you sent doesn't have lights, it's only a civilian version of the vehicle. I am asking if you can make your police version (this file - trucara/umkcara) with the mapping (not included in this file) so it would be like your ghost vehicles but with a caracara ... I hope that makes more sense!

    Mércores 12 de Agosto de 2020
  • E33b97 parrot (gta5mods)2

    @sas994 Could you make a mapped version of this vehicle? I really like your Ghost-style of vehicles, but there's unfortunately no Caracara that is mapped and unmarked. Another fantastic mod, though!

    Martes 11 de Agosto de 2020
  • E33b97 parrot (gta5mods)2

    @sas994 Great mod! I use several of your vehicles in-game; they're some of my favorite mod vehicles I've found anywhere. If I may make a request... Could you please make a police3 (interceptor sedan) of this style? I have yet to find any that are as nice as your "Tactical Response Unit" series of vehicles.

    Mércores 17 de Xuño de 2020
  • E33b97 parrot (gta5mods)2

    @gdfGDS44 In order to make police vehicles spawn in traffic, you need to modify the file "popcycle.dat" which is located in the file pathway GTA V/update/update.rpf/common/data/levels/gta5. This file tells what vehicles to spawn in traffic in what area; you can add police cars to this, although for some reason they are not naturally in there by default. To add different police cars to the game's police grouping, you need to modify "popgroups.ymt" (if you want more than just police3 to spawn in traffic, for example). This file is located in GTA V/update/update.rpf/x64/levels/gta5. In this file, you could add police, police2, police3, police4 etc (any police vehicles you want to spawn in traffic).

    If you don't want to mess with these files yourself, you can download a pre-made mod that makes police vehicles spawn in traffic. [Of course, do not mess with files if you don't know what you are doing, or at least not without making a backup of the original file first!] This one by Olanov is pretty well known: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/cops-back-on-the-beat . However, by doing it yourself, you could make your own add-on vehicles spawn in traffic, too! Good luck :)

    Venres 6 de Setembro de 2019
  • E33b97 parrot (gta5mods)2

    @AlexVonShep How do you get the peds to match the station? Your screenshots have SAHP officers in La Mesa and sheriff officers in Davis; this happens in RDE but not in this mod. What file controls the ambient peds? Great mod, though!

    Luns 11 de Xuño de 2018
  • E33b97 parrot (gta5mods)2

    @LiiightNub I did not steal your idea. You do not "own" the idea of making a Delta Airlines texture for planes. I made a Delta Airlines texture because American Airlines and Delta Airlines are the two biggest airlines in the world, and the original file from SkylineGTRFreak doesn't include a Delta texture. The texture itself was handmade by me from scratch; It is not a copy of yours or anyone else's texture. You can look at my other files and see I've been making plane textures (including Delta) for over a year longer than you have even had your account on GTA5-mods.
    @TheLoneWolf293 This Southwest livery is the one currently used by Southwest Airlines. The livery that came in SkylineGTRFreak's download is their old livery.

    Martes 21 de Febreiro de 2017
  • E33b97 parrot (gta5mods)2

    @Yard1 I would like to use this as an add-on vehicle in-game, but I can't find a set of carvariations.meta lines that is like sheriff2 for this vehicle, so my game freezes on startup with this vehicle as an addon, and I know it's not because of my vehicles.meta lines. Could you please add working carvariations.meta for addon use?
    Love the vehicle otherwise, though! I am definitely a fan :)

    Martes 2 de Agosto de 2016