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  • 593d9a joker

    Great Mod Man Love It!
    Though is there a way I can make myself get the right position on the starting line??

    Some Clarification: So I am just wondering if this is possible for atleast the Sandy Shores Airfileld location. Reason being is because I am using the https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/og-drag-strip OG DRAG STRIP By: Racing Freddie and everytime the AI gets the right starting side they crash into this yellow post that I cannot remove with Menyoo nor Map Editor. Since the AI does not recognize an object there they crash into it every time and ruins the race which makes either the left Ai or myself to win easily every time. The only solution I can think of is if there is some way I can force myself to start on the right side everytime since I can easily steer away from that object.

    I hope you understood my problem. If not and you Do want to help let me know to give some more info. If you can't help then I understand. Hope to hear from you or any other person that has ideas.

    Martes 8 de Setembro de 2020
  • 593d9a joker

    Does anyone else drop to 20fps everytime you load this lodge in?? Would really like to use this but I lose frame that drop to ANY location on the map. (From Paleto to the Airport.)
    Would prefer a YMAP file or even in ADD ON option so that it will load as a dlc or something.

    PS: even if i try to place the lodge file in my script (so that it will load on startup) it does not work.

    Luns 24 de Agosto de 2020
  • 593d9a joker

    Great Place Man!
    However, the dlc.rpf from the vbh folder isn't working for me. When I try to drag and drop I get a pop up on my screen that says "cannot find the file specified"

    Venres 21 de Agosto de 2020
  • 593d9a joker

    Damn bro No Ymap?

    Sábado 8 de Febreiro de 2020
  • 593d9a joker

    I followed the path but the gun doesn't replace, can anyone help??
    This is one of my favorite handguns..

    Martes 28 de Xaneiro de 2020
  • 593d9a joker

    @Kace Found My Solution! I know Vexy said we didn't need the Map Builder but I went ahead and installed the Map Builder mod and the house fully loaded. Hope this works for you.

    Mércores 22 de Xaneiro de 2020
  • 593d9a joker

    Great house first off Vexy! Have an issue though, I am pretty sure I installed correctly but idk if there's something I'm missing because all the props load except for the walls and floors of the whole house lol
    in other words everything in the house is just floating, any ideas??
    I really hope so because there aren't that many homes I actually call home

    Martes 21 de Xaneiro de 2020
  • 593d9a joker

    To install through the ymap file do I still need Menyoo and Map Builder??? I hope not because I do not use Menyoo...

    Luns 20 de Xaneiro de 2020