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    The mod don't work for me! I have some other naudio files from buddy control. There are a lot naudio files, not just one. Is that a problem?

    Venres 15 de Setembro de 2023
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    Hi! I've some problems by using the 1.4 version of the aitg mod. I cannot buy or enter the crack den and I cannot lock a car. I've only got this problems since I've updated gta 5 to version 1.0.2699.0 and I've reinstalled this mod. Can you help me?

    Mércores 12 de Outubro de 2022
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    I'm actually doing the first heist of story mode heist. I'm there, where I have to steal a military car for the first heist. But when I want to do this, gta 5 stops working, it closes down. So I can't finish the heist. What should I do?

    Venres 22 de Abril de 2022