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  • Michael
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    Hi all,

    sorry in case you experimented game crashes playing this mod but for now, this script is obsolete due to some changes in game native functions used in this mod. I'll update this mod as soon as i have free time but at the moment, this is OBSOLETE.


    Xoves 30 de Decembro de 2021
  • Michael

    @cooldude2251 Do you have any other mods? If yes, which type (police mod, army mod, plane mod, etc..)?

    Domingo 18 de Xullo de 2021
  • Michael

    @Pigs5542onduty no i don't, i have only this with 6 stars ;)

    Xoves 1 de Xullo de 2021
  • Michael

    @TheFantasticLoi i know, this because RAGE manage cop peds in different types with different behaviours :/ in this period i'm quite busy and i'm not able to take time to update this mod finding new ways to make it more realistic. The more you know the native game features, the more you can get what you want and at the moment i have to find new ways to make player search more realistic (when i'll have free time) ;)

    Xoves 1 de Xullo de 2021
  • Michael

    @Killerman293 Thanks!, i know all of problems you mentioned and they depends by the general knowledge of game functions. We always try to improve as we discover new functions that make the mod more realistic :)

    Xoves 20 de Maio de 2021
  • Michael

    @Killerman293 you can use only the vehicles in xml list at the moment :/. I'll add new vehicles next update (related to emergency or arms).

    Martes 18 de Maio de 2021
  • Michael

    @TheNoodle This because my mod doesn't use game dispatch.meta. It spawn all custom vehicles through scripts and toggle off some dispatch type (in 6 stars, police cars and noose suv are disabled). You have to disable my mod if you want the original vehicles from dispatch.meta.

    Domingo 16 de Maio de 2021
  • Michael

    @BSBola If you need another gameconfig file for other mods, you can edit only the lines my mod needs (in your gameconfig used for other mods):

    1) In your gameconfig file, search for "CEvent";

    2) Edit "PoolSize" node of CEvent with "4000";

    3) Under "CEvent", add another "Item":

    <PoolSize value="200"/>

    These are the nodes that my mod needs. The rest of gameconfig can be edited for other mods ;)

    Luns 8 de Marzo de 2021
  • Michael

    @BSBola Next update ;)

    Luns 8 de Marzo de 2021
  • Michael

    @Alex01 I still have to find a way to add more stars (max is 6, spawnable by function). If i find the way, i'll update the mod with 10 stars ;)

    Mércores 27 de Xaneiro de 2021