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    We play with friends in private servers (police clan). So we don't worry about reports etc. The in game civilians would like to see their tires blown, however that doesn't work.
    And yes, in private servers their is no problem with using any mod online. Only when you are being an idiot and start giving yourself or others money, rank up etc R* will ban you.

    Domingo 16 de Agosto de 2015
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    @nickac1092 Yea, but online it only works with cars driven by peds. It won't affect cars driven by other players.

    Sábado 8 de Agosto de 2015
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    Can I use this mod online with friends? If we try it and friends drive over them, nothing happens. The spikes have no effect? It only effects cars driven by peds.
    Ofcourse we don't have god mod or anything like that on.

    Xoves 30 de Xullo de 2015