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    @Civilian02 Arf, I'm sorry to hear that :/
    I'll try to reproduce the issue on my end, and see what I can do

    Venres 27 de Agosto de 2021
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    @Civilian02 That means there is a bug in the copy and delete procedure (ex: the launcher may try to access a directory after it is deleted). I will look into it. In the meantime, you can try to move the launcher to your game's drive to alleviate the problem.

    Martes 24 de Agosto de 2021
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    @Civilian02 Your log file indicates the launcher is trying to move your mods using a copy & delete method. This is how it moves files between drives. However, it seems to fail to delete a directory. Does it work if you launch it as admin?

    Luns 23 de Agosto de 2021
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    (you can paste them on pastebin.com and send the link here)

    Luns 23 de Agosto de 2021
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    @Civilian02 Hi ! Can you send me your logs, so I can look into it? They should be located in a file called "Latest.log" next to the launcher's executable.

    I recall they are disabled by default. You can enable them in the settings

    Luns 23 de Agosto de 2021
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    @noobe When it said it needed more permissions, you probably gave them to it. That's a one time thing, when you gave the launcher administrative permissions, it ensured it wouldn't need them again in the future.

    However, when you switch profiles, the launcher should move very non vanilla files. If it failed to do so, does that mean it crashed while you were switching profiles ?

    Luns 16 de Agosto de 2021
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    @Rambosmother Thanks! Your log indicates an issue with the launching process. I have identified its cause and will patch it shortly.

    As for your update method, replacing the old files with the new files with a simple copy and paste is indeed the method I'd recommend. It allows you to replace the updated files without touching your configuration, nor your profiles. Oh, and whether you unzip the archive straight into the old directory, or in a temporary folder before moving the files manually doesn't change the result, so I'd say, do what you prefer ^^

    Venres 13 de Agosto de 2021
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    @j00p3k I said it, and I'll say it again if I have to: the launcher does NOT delete ANY file, unless explicitely told to by the user... In all likelihood, your files were transferred to your profile's external directory went you clicked on the "vanilla" profile. Therefore, unless you deleted this directory in the meantime, they are still on your hard drive.

    Oh, and the latest version (0.7.1) should detect all essential files from an Epic Games installation as such, so this should not be a problem anymore in the first place.

    @Christleouf np :)

    Mércores 11 de Agosto de 2021
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    @MrGTAmodsgerman I'm happy you appreciate my work :) If I ever get the time, I might make what you're asking for. However I can't make it a priority at the moment, because I don't have enough time to allocate to it.

    @xcaps Awesome! Enjoy.

    @Rambosmother Thank you for the video :)

    Venres 6 de Agosto de 2021
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