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    Domingo 29 de Abril de 2018
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    Cool, but I find it weird that the doors slide to the right simultaneously, instead of two sides of the doors sliding to the corresponding direction when opened. Is this something that also happens to the actual Metrolink in real-life, or is it some bug that needs to be fixed?

    Sábado 14 de Abril de 2018
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    And I've also noticed that the three lights on the center of the Highway Patrol Normal lightbar don't rotate, especially the middle red and the two white lights on the side. Even the LED lightbar on the Highway Patrol Bullet also does not have a red flash from the front either, much like the LSPD/LSSD Bullets.

    Mércores 28 de Febreiro de 2018
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    Great Model! However, I have found a bug, in which the red flash on the normal LSPD/LSSD lightbar from the front of the car doesn't flash for some reason, while from the side and on the back, it does flash fine, which occurs usually at night-time. This needs to be fixed.

    Mércores 28 de Febreiro de 2018
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    Not bad model, but from what I can see, the seating is incorrect, as the head and feet clip through.

    Luns 19 de Febreiro de 2018
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    At one point, I deleted all the spooner files I had and also the two logs the trainer generated, and then Menyoo worked at all the sudden. I also created two new spooners, and even still works after loading these new spooners. Then I inserted the old spooners and Menyoo does not work again. Then I took out all the old ones and kept the new ones, and still doesn't work, even after deleting the logs. Then I deleted all the new ones entirely, and still nothing. It seems that this new version only WORKS when it really wants to. This needs to be fixed ASAP. It needs to be SHV compatible again.

    Domingo 28 de Xaneiro de 2018
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    After I installed the latest Net Framework and Visual C++ after Menyoo did not work initally, now it worked. But the next time, it didn't work again.

    Venres 26 de Xaneiro de 2018
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    @Fr0zzty23 I just found out, that the windows on the buildings that do not light up at night, actually do not have their seperate "emissive" prop attached to them.

    Xoves 6 de Xullo de 2017
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    Looks pretty awesome. Although I have noticed that when it's nighttime, the windows on the high-level buildings aren't lit unlike in the main LS city, where there are buildings and skyscrapers that have windows that are fully lit to give the city alot of light, yet Bayside without the lid windows on the buildings feels almost dark. Is it supposed to be like that or is it something that you need to improve upon. Otherwise, great work.

    Domingo 21 de Maio de 2017
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    I have noticed a bug on the police cars, and it's that they don't have breakable windows/glass. Please fix it. Thanks.

    Mércores 19 de Abril de 2017