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    TXP » HK417

    Why do all weapon models have the flashlight mod not connected to the weapon or in the way of the sight when using first person? Why aren't the first-person sights lined up correctly when aiming down the sight? All weapons tend to be like this.

    Domingo 30 de Xuño de 2024
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    Hey, I really like the maps you've made. I already downloaded a few of them. I was wondering if you will ever make a Monster Jam type track? I had a subscription to one before, but the DEV poorly made it, and all he placed down was a couple of dirt hills and vehicles. With your work, I see you putting more time and details than other DEVs.

    Mércores 13 de Marzo de 2024
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    Nice vehicle. Can you please release a template for this vehicle. I have an idea for a racing event for my server and I wish for everyone in it to be able to choose a different livery that would be made.

    Luns 11 de Marzo de 2024
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    Please fix the vehicle collisions so you can't walk through the vehicle.

    Mércores 27 de Decembro de 2023
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    I noticed the addon version has a siren on it how would I remove it so I don't have people in my server going around and using it as Civ? I already tried checking the flags and everything.

    Sábado 24 de Decembro de 2022
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    I downloaded this and the only issue I have is that the 24/7 you can walk through the walls from the outside and fall through the map.

    Venres 16 de Abril de 2021