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    @Truckerlife101 hmm ok i think it's because i have a Manual Transmission mod, but even if i enable it in the script this doesn't work sad

    Martes 23 de Maio de 2023
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    @Truckerlife101 Here my icons appears but i can't press E, like i only have the icons, did u got this problem ?
    (i tried V2.1 and V2.2 it's the same)

    Luns 22 de Maio de 2023
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    Okey everyone who has the same problem as me, just go at this link :
    Download the Gear.ZIP folder and put Gear.asi and ManualTransmission in the Game Folder

    Or if you are scared to click on my link just read what the author said

    Mércores 21 de Decembro de 2022
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    Hi, when I updated my game with the latest ScriptHook, I'm having some problems when changing gears in sequential mode, like below a certain RPM when I use the throttle, it's like I'm clutching. (i'm on keyboard)

    I checked all my settings, and I disabled Engine Stalling, change the min RPM, I also tried to reinstall the mod but I have the same problem, any help please? thanks!

    Martes 20 de Decembro de 2022