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    @iammistahwolf i actually forget but i think it was like peds.meta maybe

    @Dimitri_Rascalov i'll watch out for this, ngl i'm not spending a lot of time playing anymore so i could def miss bugs like this. will update you all of my findings. i'm guessing you don't have any other police or crime mod.

    @DOLCEFesh sounds like you are using previous game version somehow (offline launch method?) cos if it was updated fully, it should crash with the old version and work with this one. you can just reinstall the 1.21 version i think and continue.

    Xoves 9 de Xuño de 2022
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    updated for latest game patch

    Domingo 5 de Xuño de 2022
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    @V3ry_H1GH Well, the easiest way would be to install an overriding weather/timecycle mod. Maybe only way cos I dont remember the values now :s

    @Kwn16 that's a great idea actually! might have a look for how to do that

    Sábado 27 de Novembro de 2021
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    Sorry guuys no idea about conflicts because I make this mod so that I don't need any others!
    For the darkness , for me I feel like it's most realistic and is actually my favourite of all changes. Games never have real darkness, they always pump the contrast so that you can always see everything, when life is not like that.

    Potential solutions:
    - You can try different weathers, some have fully dark nights while other should have a little more moonlight
    - Use highbeam when driving!
    - If you can be bothered, modify my included visualsettings.dat. Find the # Tonemapping section and replace the whole thing with the one from a default, or your chosen graphics mod. You can also try replacing # Exposure at the same time as it has some related effects.

    Xoves 4 de Novembro de 2021
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    Im not sure about WoV i dont use it for years. Afaik my recommended mods still work, but i dont play so much anymore thats why it takes me long time to update for updates. This update fixes the mod broken from months ago :p

    @SemKill do you know which files?

    Mércores 15 de Setembro de 2021
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    Updated for game updates :)

    Luns 13 de Setembro de 2021
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    @SemKill Crap i will have to look into this
    For anyone crashing, you can probably temporary fix by removing gameconfig.xml before installing

    Domingo 8 de Agosto de 2021
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    I just wanna say (for journaling and any long time followers) now that I've finally nailed that last annoying gamma/contrast hitch that my mod had where it was never fully black anywhere ever, I feel this mod is one of the few i ever made which is actually Final and Complete. it will need to be updated in gameconfig.xml for future updates, but basically it's done. When i play my gta, it feels enough to me like real driving around at 1st person ahaha and so that concludes my prescription.

    Mércores 2 de Xuño de 2021
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    they should appear mirrored, so you'll be copying all 3 into the place in update.rpf where you see the same 3 folders. it'll overwrite the files inside the update.rpf versions of the folders, with the ones from my zip file

    Mércores 2 de Xuño de 2021
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    @V3ry_H1GH Dude its just 1 drag n drop. Open Update.rpf in OpenIV, then drag all 3 folders from my file all at once into it

    Mércores 2 de Xuño de 2021