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    @mondgeige Perhaps there's a conflict between mods. Try to install version 1.13 or earlier (as they have a different installation procedure) and check if there are still errors. If the problem persists try to do manual installation (see readme).

    Martes 17 de Setembro de 2019
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    @NEGVS All vanilla street names are located into global.gxt2 file in:
    update\update.rpf\x64\data\lang\*YOUR LANGUAGE*_rel.rpf

    You can search vanilla street names into global.gxt2 file using OpenIV, compare the relative HEX line with my template fie, and then replace the vanilla street name into the street.xml file. For example:

    0xF8D909E5 = Paleto Blvd --> (Vanilla)
    0xF8D909E5 = Sandalwood Ave --> (Real)

    Domingo 1 de Setembro de 2019
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    @samlamkcmc except Mega Realistic Car Pack i have never tried other car packs so i don't really know other links to recommend. If you search on google you will surely find something

    Xoves 20 de Xuño de 2019
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    @samlamkcmc there are several car packs around but i can't recommend a specific one, so the best thing is to try them on your own

    Luns 17 de Xuño de 2019
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    - read the changelog: if you want to try it with the correct vehicle name combination you must use previous version of this mod (1.12), because Mega Realistic Car Pack 4.0 is no longer updated since 2+ years and uses a completely different vehicle combination

    - regarding the "SURANO": according to GTA Wiki "The main body of the roadster, bonnet/hood, contour of the sides, greenhouse area, and boot/trunk is inspired by the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Roadster". Other parts are derived from other models (like the mentioned Jaguar F-Type). The reason i have chosen the Mercedes? Please refer to my answer to zarfa (dated March 18, 2019) in the comments section of this page

    Martes 4 de Xuño de 2019
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    @samlamkcmc This mod changes only vehicles.meta/global.gxt files and nothing else (it doesn't interfere with other scripts, DLLs etc.).

    First try to use previous version of this mod (1.13) and do a quick check.

    If the problem continues, maybe the it's related to add-on cars. You have to edit the included template file with each add-on cars you have added into the game (see "ADD ITEMS" section in the readme).

    If the same problem occurs, you'd better ask directly to NativeUI and Add On Cars Spawner mod authors.

    Venres 31 de Maio de 2019
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    @samlamkcmc can't understand what type of problem is, please be more specific so i can help

    Xoves 30 de Maio de 2019
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    @toontotalwar i think nothing's wrong... you'd better ask directly to Speedometer mod's author (links are in the description)

    Luns 25 de Marzo de 2019
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    @shifuguru my mod is smarter ;)

    Luns 18 de Marzo de 2019
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    @zarfa unfortunately i'm not Jeremy Clarkson XD. Vehicle names in this MOD are "indicative". As written in the credits, you can check all references and accuracy on GTA Wiki and GTAForums. I'm just trying to be as "respectful" as possible. Since many cars in GTA have multiple influences, one of the criteria that i use (for example) is to give vehicles the appropriate name based on the similarity with the backside view (the perspective that you see the most during gameplay). If you think that a particular vehicle looks like that particular real model rather than another, just use the editor and change the name according to your personal tastes. I created a template file specifically for this purpose (and make life easier for people that want to use this mod).

    Luns 18 de Marzo de 2019