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  • Franklin2

    With @ImNotMentaL around, GTA V SP won't die.

    Mércores 26 de Decembro de 2018
  • Franklin2


    Mércores 26 de Decembro de 2018
  • Franklin2

    @33masterman33 That's a new way of interpreting for the Mechanic's code, previously there were different apartments but not a single apartment with multiple garages so it needs to learn how to handle multiple garages for a single apartment, I will take a look at that. Thanks for letting me know.

    @nkjellman True but I don't know what to do about that. It is where everything is saved.

    @littlesally Assistant speaks in Online mode? That is doable yes. I can make her talk like the way the mechanic talks.

    Domingo 7 de Outubro de 2018
  • Franklin2

    I put 2.0 (beta) version together in a rush for you guys, if you find anything wrong let me know. If I missed something new from the update also please let me know.
    A little issue about the office roof drop-offs, if you don't own the office you can't get to your delivered chopper. Something I was unable to think of while coding and it just hit me. I will add a function to check if you own the office or not before just dropping off. (this might not happen either I really don't remember what I did)

    Xoves 4 de Outubro de 2018
  • Franklin2

    @nkjellman Benny's Mod made itself an important core component for this mod for some reason. I'll try to fix that behavior.
    @RogerDatSoldier I have no idea what is happening with the save spots :D I think the mod saves cars using the license plates. There is nothing I can do about it except changing the whole save behavior.
    @Grotor46 Do you have ImNotMentaL's Benny's Mod? If you don't try installing it that might be the issue.

    Just an update for all of you guys, I'm working on an assistant menu which ties into the menu that opens up when F6 is pressed. I fixed that menu and the delivery system. Now if you are inside an office and if you order a vehicle either from your phone or from the F6 menu or from the assistant, the vehicle will be parked outside the offices. Your ordered Pegasus helicopters will also be delivered to the building's helipad. All of that is working currently but not really ready for a release. Since my university started a new term today, I might not be as active as I was. Thanks for being patient.

    Luns 24 de Setembro de 2018
  • Franklin2

    @nkjellman As far as I know, all the radio related stuff are handled altogether. Which means in theory radio acting weird in offices and acting normal in other places is super weird.
    I really don't even know where to look at about the second thing you said. But I'll try to reproduce the things you've reported.

    Domingo 16 de Setembro de 2018
  • Franklin2

    @gongel I plan to add every vehicle storable place into the mod but offices aren't even done yet. The organization name and stuff need to be completed before I can start sailing into new things.

    Sábado 15 de Setembro de 2018
  • Franklin2

    @GaloDeOuro I never played a mission with the mod installed. If I ever get the chance I'll look into it.
    @lukas10 Since there is no code defining any text, that must be a language file problem. Try completely deleting all the language files and put the one in the zip.

    Venres 14 de Setembro de 2018
  • Franklin2

    @Suredude I had open interiors earlier and had no problems with it. Only Maze Bank Office was a little funky with two assistants but that's understandable :D

    Xoves 13 de Setembro de 2018
  • Franklin2

    @Trucktheusa While I was coding I thought Benny's Mod wasn't needed but then I removed it and nothing in the garages worked! So yeah turns out it actually needs Benny's mod to run properly :D

    Xoves 13 de Setembro de 2018