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  • C46b59 cheezit

    @nickaoke if you ever return. i run at .2 for performance and i get a touch... but the LOTS of smoke bug still creeps up sometimes and ruins my day lol i wish that could of been fixed but this mod adds so much i cant play without it.

    15 horas
  • C46b59 cheezit

    @DXJD101 i think i finally got er figured out. updated my manual trans and it seems to be working better... also i adjusted my theory on " <fClutchChangeRateScaleUpShift value " and i believe with this mod i am now getting much closer to realistic acceleration speeds thus making my old technique waaaaay slower... and i had to adjust all that... means i have like 500 addon cars to fix up lol. none the less the driving is much better...
    i'm switched back to normalized and i am finding it satisfactory... here is my numbers for the C7 stingray corvette


    22 horas
  • C46b59 cheezit

    @DXJD101 Awesome bro thanks for explaining. i've been playing around with it. i love that real time HL editor by the way, been using it since release. ive done quite extensive work on handling lines so im picking up what you laid out. its awesome to finally have a mod like this.
    something i did to get a dyno pull from a corvette into the game. i took the dyno graph flipped it in paint... made the canvis 1000px x 1000px placed the first point of the dyno pull at px 200x200. i traced the line with a fat line and then placed points... i then wrote down each points pixel coords that gave me a decent idea of how to get a realistic dyno graph onto this mod. im still having some issues. (i also use any333's stop powercutting BTW)
    without CTM my car goes to huge torque immediately and its hard to drive calm and collective.
    with CTM and with my torque and handling line there is no peel outs (unless i floor board and pop the clutch or ebrake starts.
    the other problem im having is i cant put the car in 2nd gear and take off it seems sooo sluggish but i cant floor board and pop the clutch... in literal 2nd car in this case the car kinda and get going but 3rd is out of the question. what problem it causes is i cant get the car to roll out and get to a speed and then go to 6th gear and just cruise because then there is literally no power.
    it could also be my settings in my outdated manual trans... (i will update it soon i just made a back up of my current)
    i am also thinking about downloading gear ratios again and see how that runs with this mod.

    now that my ramble is out of the way i do have a question and that is this.
    in terms of NORMAL RPM | NORMAL TORQ
    may either ever go below .2 or above 1.1 ... like for example "1.000|1.200" would the ,200 give you more power? or is there a cut off?

    and at asking that question i just noticed your map is not "normalized" to terms of .2 to 1.0 you have literal rpm and torque numbers... is that what ikt means by {actual_rpm}|{actual_torque} and is it possible to use one or the other? or maybe that is my problem?

    thank you for helping me understand that meaning.

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    1 día
  • C46b59 cheezit

    This is yet another brilliant mod... i was just thinking man i could use something that does this this and this... and here it is.
    i understand most of this mod. but what i dont understand is how do i convert a real life dyno torque graph into useable normalized toque numbers list that i can place into my config file? ive been trying different things cant really figure it out

    2 días
  • C46b59 cheezit

    havent got my GTA running yet but thank you for making this mod... someone had something like this a while back and made it into payware... so bless you my friend for picking up the torch for us that are not able to afford payware.

    Luns 19 de Xuño de 2023
  • C46b59 cheezit

    will this ever be compatible with older versions of the game such as in builds 1800s?

    Xoves 8 de Xuño de 2023
  • C46b59 cheezit

    may have to boycott R* cant begin to fathom how many copies they sold just for modding... and they shit all over the fiveM and SP modding community... of course regular online should be played with 0 mods... some people get confused and think thats what this is all about... but its not. its about a single player or FiveM experience.

    Xoves 11 de Maio de 2023
  • C46b59 cheezit

    i wish the wheels werent so chrome, the dash/seat are a little too light grey, carbon fiber is a little too light colored ... i was able to fix the carbon fiber myself but am having difficulty finding the correct wheel texture and the dash/seat texture ... other than those this car is awesome.

    Venres 16 de Xullo de 2021
  • C46b59 cheezit

    Absolutely gorgeous car! Excellent work!

    Luns 14 de Xuño de 2021
  • C46b59 cheezit

    does this work for add on vehicles?

    Xoves 27 de Maio de 2021