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    @Nivinha I appreciate your hard work and efforts. I hope that you do continue to create awesome body mods. Many of us look forward to your new updates!

    3 días
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    @houaryou Could you in a future update give us the option to disable bodyguards and/or valet/vehicle garage? I use a different persistent rides mod and sometimes the valet/vehicle garage conflicts with the persistent rides. It would be great if I could just turn that part off for certain properties.

    Sábado 9 de Setembro de 2023
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    @DaAlphaSupreme Which house? This happened to me because the security guards were spawning beneath the house. It turns out the houses I was using updated to include a lower floor level, and the Property Manager was spawning security on that level, but because I didn't have the updated house, the guards just spawned falling and yelling infinitely. You may need to update the house you are using.

    Luns 28 de Agosto de 2023
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    Some suggestions:

    1. Please make each property purchasable. It kind of takes away from the game immersion to just own a mansion without paying for it. It would be great to have to buy each property before getting to use it. Example: before purchase, the gates will not open for you and you cannot save cars. Optionally, the guards will shoot you for trespassing (not sure how difficult that would be to code in).

    2. Going to sleep advances the game 8 hours.

    Some issues:

    1. Sometimes when starting an action (sitting down, eating food, laying in bed, etc.) the player will start a panic interaction where they flee and hide for cover.

    Luns 28 de Agosto de 2023
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    Is there any way to fix floating animations? Like some of these animations work, but the peds are floating in the air.

    Sábado 29 de Xullo de 2023
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    @JayMontana36 Nice! I was going to suggest creating a separate mod that handles NPCs and cars. The reason that I think this would be useful is that there are a lot of maps that already have NPCs and cars in place to make the map "come alive." (Nobody wants to go to a party where nobody is there, right? :-)) I have created my own "Map scenarios" that I have to load individually each time I want to play each particular scenario. Having the option to load them with NPCs already in place would be a dream come true.

    Martes 25 de Xullo de 2023
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    Can you add the Supervolito carbon helicopter, to the helipad options, please?

    Martes 4 de Xullo de 2023
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    The required Map Editor is no longer free. You have to pay $20 on Patreon, and I am not doing that. I wish this could work without those requirements.

    Mércores 7 de Xuño de 2023
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    @Dealien I just read in the known issues that - "Freemode" models won't save properly (due to the lack of some native functions). I think that the reason this happens is that the save file does not include the options for all of the Freemode custom data. For example, Freemode characters have additional values that are not included in your save file, such as blemishes, facial hair, eyebrows, makeup, lipstick blend data, eye color, etc... I think if you were to include these as savable options in your data file, the Freemode characters would save correctly.

    Martes 6 de Xuño de 2023
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    @Dealien For future updates, can you add the option to customize your companion's looks, such as for the MP player blend data, hair color, etc? Also, It
    would be great to be able to create custom outfits for your companion that you can load.

    Luns 5 de Xuño de 2023