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    Yes, using Rockstar Launcher and updated to latest game version. Empty scripts folder and literally removed the mods folder for testing. When the game was crashing I removed everything and was adding things back in one at a time and testing only one thing until I could find out what was causing the crash.

    But I've also since given up trying to get this to work for the time being because one of the requirements for this (SirenSetting Limit Adjuster) I had at the time, but now have to remove. That mod crashes NVE.

    Mércores 31 de Marzo de 2021
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    Starting with a clean mod folder I install DW_SA_Packs and then the game crashes when I attempt to enter story mode.

    I did try the linked gameconfig.xml file, as well as comparing the linked one to the one in the pack and using the larger of two values in every case and this mod alone with nothing else causes my game to crash.

    Luns 29 de Marzo de 2021
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    I am just getting started out and this is literally one of the first mods I went to install. And then I couldn't get through the story tutorial. Pathfinding in the bank is all screwed up. I disable this and then I can play the tutorial mission just fine.

    Luns 29 de Marzo de 2021