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  • Redneck

    when is this going to make a return for the current set of weapons? i hate using the original greyed out weapons i get confused in what im using most of the time it be nice to have this back in my game again

    Domingo 18 de Setembro de 2022
  • Redneck

    where is the YTD file all you provided is a YFT file > https://i.imgur.com/dcDjoUF.png

    Luns 29 de Marzo de 2021
  • Redneck

    there is no YTD texture file

    Luns 8 de Marzo de 2021
  • Redneck

    i managed to come by some interesting bugs where the speedomeeter it likes to disapear when you press the D-pad too many times when out of the vehicle or inside of it i have to keep the menu open for 3 secconds then close it for it to register that it closed it self for it to show back after certain amount of seconds that it was set to when just driving the vehicle i wish there was a function to control how fast it comes back or control the part where it stays on the screen no matter what happens when inside the vehicle i like this idea of making it disapearing when doing stuff with the D-pad but i would like it to not keep it self invisable 40% of the time when just driving normally if those 2 functions can exist then you can get my 5 stars other then that this is a well done speedomeeter i used so far since my xbox 360 days with console trainer

    Venres 18 de Decembro de 2020
  • Redneck

    does anyone know how to fix menyoo? it keeps crashing after i launch the game i tried everything & nothing seems to fix the issue

    Sábado 22 de Abril de 2017