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  • Gtao57

    Where is that YTD file located? I mean how?

    Mércores 8 de Febreiro de 2023
  • Gtao57

    In comparison to the GTAcoop mod, this is the best mod for syncing cars and shooting other players. You can also seize the player in the driver's seat and drag him out of the vehicle. I'm hoping for more updates in the future so that other players can be punched or counterpunched.

    Mércores 1 de Febreiro de 2023
  • Gtao57

    How to make it stay in zombie mode after you died?

    Venres 2 de Decembro de 2022
  • Gtao57

    I tried to use it with my friends playing in LAN mod... all is perfect except when you got out from the car.... the time lap will reset :(... so will just have to press F5 and enter in placement mode :(

    Sábado 8 de Agosto de 2020