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  • Michael2

    Amazing :D

    Domingo 10 de Novembro de 2019
  • Michael2

    Sweet! :D
    Can you also make Ivan Drago from Rocky IV?

    Domingo 3 de Novembro de 2019
  • Michael2

    Since the new Rockstar update I'm getting a message saying "Activation requires an internet connection and you are currently in offline mode" when trying to run Single Player using this mod manager.

    Any way to fix this on my end or does this manager not work yet with the latest update?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Domingo 3 de Novembro de 2019
  • Michael2

    Awesome idea.
    Now we can hear Andrew Dice Clay being sampled in the song Unbelievable while playing V.
    IMO the mix was better in SR2 but this is still cool.

    Sábado 26 de Xaneiro de 2019
  • Michael2

    I'm also having an issue with having the interiors of the club load properly.
    Awesome idea anyway, can't wait to use it when it works.

    Venres 16 de Novembro de 2018
  • Michael2

    Just figured out my problem. All I needed too do was create a "scripts" folder inside of my OpenIV file which is inside this mod manager.
    Now that this is fixed this manager is officially perfect again.

    Thanks for all your hard work buddy.

    Xoves 15 de Novembro de 2018
  • Michael2

    As someone who was obsessed with the Die Hard movies for over a decade this is amazing.
    Thanks for your effort man.

    Xoves 15 de Novembro de 2018
  • Michael2

    Not sure if I missed something but I can't use any of the mods that require you to put something in a "scripts" folder. for example "Sitting Mod" or " Ingame Screenshot 1.1" for example. Ive already looked at the GTAV Mod Manager Tutorial Part 2 which says that the scripts folder is no longer necessary for this manager and you just put every mod in it's own separate sub folder and the mods should work.

    Everything else like running trainers and using modified RPF files works just fine. I'll keep looking into it and see if I can solve my own problem but if anyone can give me a tip that would be cool. I apologize ahead of time if I missed something obvious because I'm only getting back into GTA V modding for the first time after three years and interestingly enough I remember having no problems using scripts in the passed for mods like Air Fleet which were some of my first mods for this game.

    Either way great job with this mod manager and it works perfectly I probably just missed something.

    Mércores 14 de Novembro de 2018
  • Michael2


    Xoves 1 de Novembro de 2018
  • Michael2

    @eshenk i'm 22 and i still love old school 90's simpsons lol

    Sábado 12 de Decembro de 2015