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    Can you tell me where to find the readme file for install instructions? The YouTube video doesn't make much sense to me I'm afraid.

    Venres 8 de Xaneiro de 2021
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    I don't understand. The zip file only contains a single text file with a link to Google drive. And that only contains a single file Madeira.xml

    Domingo 18 de Outubro de 2020
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    @lucaslan it only works with power meters or smart trainers. You could get some power pedals for your bike or use a heart rate to power thing

    The likes of Zwift has the money to put into the massive job of assessing the resistance curve of every single trainer to asses what power output they have at certain speeds. This is a free mod done for free. Your contribution is buying the correct equipment ;)

    Mércores 8 de Xullo de 2020
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    @Ph4r hehe thanks yes I'm admin in Zwift Riders so I'm familiar with it.

    I think the issue is that GTA works by sending data to the trainer about current gradient and rider weight etc and then reads the speed directly from the trainer. So causes the downhill drive to run at maximum speed practically all the time. At the same time limits the speed of descent.

    Whereas Zwift just reads the power number and makes its own speed calculation, then sends the slope to the trainer separately. Tbh I think the Zwift way is a better way to do things but I understand why the author went for the model he did. But it does have its limitations.

    Xoves 4 de Xuño de 2020
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    Now this is bloody brilliant and the thing that I've been waiting for for years. It's been quite the learning curve since I know nothing of GTA but fun all the same.

    The only issue I've seen is that my Tacx Neo seems to act strangely with the downhill drive seemingly going crazy on even the slightest downhill, at the same time I feel like I'm going downhill with the brakes on much slower than I'd expect.

    Really looking forward to playing with this more and seeing what the future brings.

    Mércores 3 de Xuño de 2020