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  • Amanda

    Congrats guys! The GTA V Modding community is the best of all!

    Xoves 7 de Setembro de 2017
  • Amanda

    I know, it's not an easy mod to install, i would like to make things easier, but at the moment I didn't find other way.

    Venres 25 de Agosto de 2017
  • Amanda

    @DeepakFrey Keep your files updated (NativeUI, Scripthook, ScripthookVDotNET).
    Put NativeUI on your scripts folder.

    Venres 25 de Agosto de 2017
  • Amanda

    Hai, it annoys me alot because 99% of the problems it's because people don't read the documentation, don't take a look on tutorial videos and come here to blame the mod.

    @Paynegraintrayne - I don't think AddonPeds has something to do with game textures, other mod may cause this.
    @I HATE IT Really ? you created a rage account just to comment this mod, I'm honored. Jokes aside, try to see some tutorial on youtube and keep your files updated (NativeUI, Scripthook, ScripthookVDotNET)

    Venres 25 de Agosto de 2017
  • Amanda

    Cool, I really like this Nightcrawler version!

    Sábado 5 de Agosto de 2017
  • Amanda

    99% of the problems is because people do not install correctly.
    I tested the mod with the latest GTA V patches and scripts required and worked beautiful.
    Please, see some install tutorials.

    @nsh3t 200+ addon peds wow :D
    @Whiteraven666 Download the latest versions of all scripts required.

    Domingo 23 de Xullo de 2017
  • Amanda
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    - Initial 3.0 release

    - Fixed PedSelector.dll to work with latest GTA V patch (1.0.335.2-1.0.1103.2)

    Sábado 22 de Xullo de 2017
  • Amanda

    @MAK Moderator Thanks dude :)
    @Desarus @Southsde Maybe soon..

    Sábado 22 de Xullo de 2017
  • Amanda

    @Whiteraven666 That's strange dude, here it's working normal with the latest patch, did you install everything correctly ?

    @tuansonyu Not at the moment.

    @evilmaginakuma Only PedSelector.dll changed, to work with new GTA V patch.

    Sábado 22 de Xullo de 2017
  • Amanda

    @winject 100% inspiration haha, sorry Alexander.

    Venres 21 de Xullo de 2017