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  • A6d373 untitled

    Any idea on how to make it single fire? I mean we can get 2 shot at our will, not the stupid default 2 shot as 1 is more than enough to kill a man; and make the 2 shot much quicker - to look as if we are firing 2 barrels as once - is too over kill... :(

    Mércores 19 de Outubro de 2016
  • A6d373 untitled

    The city will soon be covered in shit, literally! I wonder if I can have a cat as a pet in game, I love cats...

    Domingo 16 de Outubro de 2016
  • A6d373 untitled

    @Angelina Ramerez here you go

    Venres 7 de Outubro de 2016
  • A6d373 untitled

    Nice. I wonder if I could play as a customized freemode character instead of police models. Every time I press F7 I changed back, and I still didn't figure out much to do. Was it because I enable the mod but change to freemode cha' ?

    Luns 3 de Outubro de 2016
  • A6d373 untitled

    sir, may I ask for another mod which would convert Micheal and Trevor to female? Or Can I just do the same to them using this mod?

    Luns 26 de Setembro de 2016
  • A6d373 untitled

    @mogulencio .dat back-up is both way too unreliable and complicated. I recommend you create a copy of the whole big file - what kind of big is just at the level from which you cannot access normally.

    Xoves 22 de Setembro de 2016