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    Is this any different to the one in La Revo?

    4 días
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    I had to use Codewalker to check it out because it crashed as I drove towards Sandy even though I could see the apartments had loaded. I wonder if I have billboards that are conflicting because i'm not using any custom_maps atm. Really like this but want to get it working before I can give it the rating it deserves

    5 días
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    Thanks Max, this is one of those mods that I get excited for. Was gutted that the 1.5 just adds an uninstaller, that being said. You've pretty much nailed it, I dunno what else you could add. What are your plans for future updates?

    7 días
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    Is this compatible with 5real yet? Never been able to get past the loading screen. This would make the game so much better

    10 días
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    please update

    Xoves 6 de Xaneiro de 2022
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    Thanks for the awesome mod and the latest update is amazing. I had no idea the Kortz Center was even there. I always wanted a Survival mod but I suck so I set 'everyone ignore' on the trainer. The latest update also stops the enemies from running away, it makes for a great target practice and a good way to practice aiming. (Godmode means you have to deal with the sound of 1million bullets being fired) - Only complaint is I can't use EAI or mpmaps with my mod setup so I can't try out the Cayo Perico Survival. Dunno if this would work alongside but in a future update, it would be cool to see something similar added https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/kill-counter-rewards

    Luns 3 de Xaneiro de 2022
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    spent all day downgrading because I got a new pc and it automatically updated. Still super grateful for this though!

    Luns 20 de Decembro de 2021
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    Literally spent all week trying to do something similar and the best I came up with was SandyAlive/SandyRedux + a few balla's hanging out. Thank you so much, this is amazing

    Mércores 15 de Decembro de 2021
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    This is awesome. Looks great, no crashes. 5*
    That being said, how would I remove or replace the jacada? I just don't like pink tree's.

    Sábado 27 de Novembro de 2021
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    I just wanted more peds and using the pop cycle and scenario folders from this mod made a huge improvement with no noticeable fps drop or crash. I encourage eshenk to come out of hibernation at the least so I can properly thank them for the time and effort put into making our games more enjoyable

    Martes 23 de Novembro de 2021