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    Also is there any possibility of adding the templates in a future update?

    Some of these cars it's impossible to find templates for (or the people who made rhe templates for the rarer cars are being stupidly stingy with sharing them...)

    Sábado 11 de Maio de 2024
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    Out of curiosity is there any update on the addon pack with the specialty vehicles you mentioned awhile back? With like the boats, helis, and motorcycle?

    Mércores 8 de Maio de 2024
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    Very nice vehicle! Out of curiosity is the eup shown in these photos anywhere? I like that simple duty belt and vest lol

    Mércores 14 de Febreiro de 2024
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    I will ad looking at all of them I feel the rotator bar/Escort cars could use some tweaks with their lighting. They are VERY bright lol

    Sábado 9 de Decembro de 2023
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    @Drewdy1 Exciting! Fo you known when the extra pack may drop? Excited for the boats and helis.

    Xoves 7 de Decembro de 2023
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    As someone who's been wanting a new security car pack this is amazing! I'm very sad that you took out some of the cooler unique stuff like the motorcyle, predator boat and helis, but I LOVE all of the new vehicles and the rich diverse choice of lightbars. The vehicles are 10/10.

    Though I am curious where I can get that Dinghy in the promo photos as I don't see it in the files.

    I will say personally I'd just cut out the EUP part. The textures for them are pretty bad, some models are broken and some don't even match the model they're on. TBH its a shame you couldn't find a way to convert the vests the PEDs use into eup as those looked very nice.

    Very curious about your plans for a Securoserv pack. As someone who's made car and clothing for a fivem server for securo I have been frustrated at the lack of lore friendly stuff for them so excited to see it!

    Mércores 6 de Decembro de 2023