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  • E39697 zghzzpe

    Is this compatible with Redux?

    Domingo 24 de Maio de 2020
  • E39697 zghzzpe

    @Peturur @Jedi262 @talha122 In your gamefolder wherever the launcher (gta5.exe) is installed.

    Venres 17 de Abril de 2020
  • E39697 zghzzpe

    @ImNotMentaL I installed scripts countless of times. hrow the latest scripthook and scripthook.net in the game folder, make sure you have c++ and framework is installed and throw the scripts into the scripts folder. But I found out your bus sim mod isn't working either so it must be an error on my end. Any suggestions?

    Domingo 30 de Decembro de 2018
  • E39697 zghzzpe

    It doesn't work for me.

    Mércores 26 de Decembro de 2018
  • E39697 zghzzpe

    A description would be nice. In which folder is the meta file I have to replace?

    Sábado 14 de Xullo de 2018
  • E39697 zghzzpe

    I noticed that when you change tre RGB value of any behicle higher than 255, the game crashes. Sometimes I just forget to delete the already existing numbers before I do an imput and press enter.

    Domingo 4 de Xuño de 2017
  • E39697 zghzzpe

    @FailShady Most mods just don't work on pirated games. Just buy the game. If you're too poo, work for it. If you're already working but still too poor, get your shit together and figure out your priorities. Go find a better job or a second job in your spare time. Earn money. BUY the game...

    Martes 30 de Maio de 2017
  • E39697 zghzzpe

    As soon as I spawn it in my game crashes. Ran out of memory error. I've quite a few add-ons installed but they work fine. I guess this boat is too big. Anyways, 5 stars because I don't see everyone having issues with it and it looks great for the 5 seconds I can enjoy it

    Domingo 28 de Maio de 2017
  • E39697 zghzzpe

    Dit maakt het zoveel gemakkelijker, maar "mobielefoon"?? Wie gebruikt dat woord? :') 5 stars voor de moeite

    Xoves 25 de Maio de 2017
  • E39697 zghzzpe

    @Unlosing You're welcome. It kinda makes me sad the people are so respectless that I even have to say that. My granny always said: "who doesn't do anything can't do anything wrong" whenever I made mistakes or basic not advanced stuff compared with whoever made the same. At least you're trying and for that alone, I thing you're an amazing person that should be treated with respect.

    Venres 3 de Febreiro de 2017