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    just got back into modding my gta5 a little bit and since im a lambo fanboy i installed this gem!!!
    Very nice work, high quality model.

    I have a question regarding the yellow livery? any chance i can change the color? i cant find the texture in ytd. and couldnt find out which color in trainer defines the livery.


    Xoves 28 de Decembro de 2023
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    Hoffe du moddest auch mal ein bisschen in GTA6 rum, du alter Haudegen.

    Luns 16 de Outubro de 2023
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    NO you didn't.....

    Xoves 22 de Xuño de 2023
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    i have those blue lines around every light emitting object in my game, anyone knows what causes this?
    is it the quantV 3.0 mod? i cant get rid of it

    Domingo 27 de Febreiro de 2022
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    Thank you so muuuuuch!!! This was and is one of the most realistic mods for GTA5 imo for vegetations. im still using 1.X because every other version from le Ak i could get to work due to multiple other mods.
    i will give it a try and see!!! Awesome man!!

    Xoves 9 de Decembro de 2021
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    @Thomas23TP Have you changed anything in the Setup or content XML inside the dlc.rpf?

    I flipped around with your changes but i ccant get it to work

    Xoves 16 de Setembro de 2021
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    @GooD-NTS "Global" profile in rivatuner needs the "application detection level" to none.
    the users have to add new profiles for their games, for example GTA5 and COD MW in my case!
    problem is, some games dont allow you to add them to custom rivatuner profiles, for example MS FlightSim, but im looking into it. For the moment this is a workaround, but it should be working like the last openiv version or the previous rivatuner, depends ^^

    Martes 16 de Febreiro de 2021
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    So the GLE benz is smaller than a ford Ka? Fix the size pls!!

    Venres 12 de Febreiro de 2021
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    @ImNotMentaL So i disabled the randomize colors option but the cars have still "other" colors.
    for example the F40 normally got 1 carvariation section, just red with normal alloy wheels.

    but it spawns in matt red with a bright purple pearleffect and the wheels are pitch black like a black hole.
    any tip?

    Domingo 10 de Xaneiro de 2021
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    @mjames867 maybe u have no trainer that disables the despawn of DLC cars?

    Sábado 9 de Xaneiro de 2021