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    Replaced her with player models u_f_y_hotposh_01 and u_f_y_princess.
    Spawned her via simple trainer.
    Looks absolutely gorgeous.

    One problem though:
    She's floating 1 feet above the ground. Tried some other player model replaces, same result.
    Any idea how to fix this?

    Venres 30 de Marzo de 2018
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    Why is her hair green? It looks a bit like some carpet on her head. I definetly prefer the older version 4.0.

    Sábado 9 de Setembro de 2017
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    So I guess I have to push F for Lasso? Doesn't work for me at all. Please include at least a readme and ini for key configuration.
    Wake me up with the next working update.
    Because this looks like a ton of big fun.

    By the way: Installation video link is not working.

    Luns 14 de Agosto de 2017
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    Any possibility to use this mod with simple trainer instead of Menyoo trainer (keeps crashing my game)?

    Domingo 6 de Agosto de 2017
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    Fantastic mod. Hoverbike handling is almost perfect and it looks great.
    It just misses some real heavy scifi hitech sounds.
    I mean that motorcycle sound breaks the immersion of flying a hoverbike totally.
    Maybe some talented modder could give a helping hand here?

    Sábado 5 de Agosto de 2017
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    Looks great.
    Where do I get her sword shown in the pics? Did a search here but couldn't find that exact sword.
    And what's the best mod to use to give her the supersmashpowers shown in the video?

    Sábado 29 de Xullo de 2017
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    Looks fantastic, but doesn't seem to work for GTA5 build 1361887. I only see an ugly bald guy in Chloe's clothes. Please make an update. And please make Max Caulfield also...

    Luns 10 de Outubro de 2016