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  • 996911 wayne badcock
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    As requested, I now have a Discord server where support requests can be made:

    20 horas
  • 996911 wayne badcock

    Haha - Thought so after I replied - but am really keen to address issues if I can even though I am limited experience as a new-ish coder.

    20 horas
  • 996911 wayne badcock

    Hi @Alex_Ashfold,

    This script should make it so you are busted not just have them 'walk away' (unless you clear your wanted level). Is that not happening for you?

    1 día
  • 996911 wayne badcock

    @hosein_3d and @thattallboy
    I agree that would be great as the prison mods I have tried are quite old and clunky and I did originally start this to become a prison type mod but as a new-ish coder it may be over my ability right now but maybe in the future as I get better could look into this more.

    @ReNNie I am afraid I cannot add you on Discord or PM for your configs. But hopefully the latest version will fix the issue you see if not it would be good to get your dispatch.meta and betterchases config.

    @AmazyCrazy Do you have discord? Have not got my server set up fully yet but if you want to DM me we can talk about what mods you have to see if I can recreate and find the issue you are having?

    @JustSomeAussie My bad, I thought I had described that

    Sábado 27 de Febreiro de 2021
  • 996911 wayne badcock

    I Surrender 1.0.2:
    - Fixed fade in too soon after busted / wasted
    - Removed fade in fix from Michael, Franklin and Trevor (Why fix what isn't broken)

    Hopefully will soon have a discord server for support and stuff in the next few days.

    Venres 26 de Febreiro de 2021
  • 996911 wayne badcock

    @JustSomeAussie - If you have more than 1 star?

    Venres 26 de Febreiro de 2021
  • 996911 wayne badcock

    Hi @AmazyCrazy,
    That sounds exactly what I found from a trainer interfering. Bear with me while I get a Discord server set up so I can better help people. May be handy once I have that if you could share what mods you have, and the settings files for the trainers etc. to see if I can recreate. Once I have Discord we will be able to hopefully look into it a bit better together to see what is going on.

    @ReNNie, Will do - thank you.

    Martes 23 de Febreiro de 2021
  • 996911 wayne badcock


    I think I can see what is going on... I think my script fades back in a little too soon before the arrest sequence is completed as it still uses the in game arrest sequence. I will try playing around with the timings next week to see if I can time it a bit better. I have tried with BetterChases+ and they seem to work OK together, although I am just using the default settings.

    Are you still having issues - did you want to message me what issues you are seeing and I will see if I can recreate or find a way to help?

    I am on discord but do not have my own discord server if that is what you mean.

    Luns 22 de Febreiro de 2021
  • 996911 wayne badcock

    Hi @ReNNie,

    Thanks for letting me know - It could be BetterChases as my script tries to keep your wanted level at 1 star so not to be killed. I will install it and see if I get the same issue - if not, will get in touch for a log may be useful as I can try to work out if another mod is interfering.

    Many thanks.

    Domingo 21 de Febreiro de 2021
  • 996911 wayne badcock

    Hi @leihebi,

    That would be good - will be in touch :-)

    Sábado 20 de Febreiro de 2021