Los Angeles retro taxi minipack [Add-On] 3.0

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Since a long time i'm not making my gta l.a in retro atmosphere ( since i was not using zmod lol ) so now i want to realize a things i wish before, accurate los angeles retro 90's taxi.

If you want to see more , you can join my discord here : https://discord.gg/cGBZCRA

What's news in 3.0 :
-Added 1998 Ford Crown Victoria
-Added templates

What's news in 2.0 :
- Change wheels ( hubcaps ) of the crown victoria ( i leave the 1.0 with steelie wheel if some prefer that )
- Rework lods on the crown victoria ( L0-L3 )
- Added the caprice 1995
- New l.a taxi co-op liveries
- New 1999 periods ads
- add on

*i recommand this one if some want a caprice 89 ( since someone made it i will not do it myself ) : https://www.lcpdfr.com/downloads/gta5mods/vehiclemodels/12809-1989-chevrolet-caprice-la-taxi-pack/

i plan to do a minipack of los angeles taxi with all different cab companies ( any picture can help me because it's hard to find on google for an eu guy ;) )

my planned car :

-1996 Ford Crown Victoria l.a.p.d
-1999 Ford Crown Victoria l.a.p.d

* i allow you to make me some request if it's stay about los angeles ( and not ferrari or other supercar as l.a cab sorry... )

Features :

- All basic support ( lights, lods, door, collision, breakable glass etc.. )
- Semi accurate stuff
- Variation of liveries ( for the moment only 4 per cab, other cab companies will be release in next updates )

Credit :

-Fcv 1998-2011 by Officer Underwood
-Fcv 1996 by Esprit
-Caprice 1995 by Lundy
-1998-1999 Steelie wheels by Lundy
-Taxi meter and other stuff ( extra_6 ) by scuderio
-Crown Victoria mud flaps by Jakub
-Other taxi stuff by Du-mont
-Converted to V by JdmImport
-Setina partion made by ? ( tell me if you know or are the author and i will correct that i can't remember )

That all thanks all contributor ( lozano, scuderio and esprit for that masterpiece ) and for downloading guy hope you enjoy!
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