2000 Daewoo Lanos* [Add-On/Replace | Tuning | Rims | Liveries | Template | Animated] 1.1


* it also contains FSO Lanos, Chevrolet Lanos, ZAZ Lanos/Chance, cabriolet and pickup versions.

Important: This mod doesn't support pirated versions of the game (eg. 350). Tested on: 350, 678, 944, 1103, 1290 versions game. A recent version is recommended, at least 678. DLC Lowriders is needed.

First release: 26.12.2017 (here 30.12)
Hello again, this is my 7th official convert - Daewoo Lanos 3d/5d/4d.
Worktime (excluding breaks): 3d - 100 days, 5d - 24 days, 4d - 24 days

It's an OFFICIAL convert from GTA IV.
Don't edit or retexturize the model and its parts, all is locked for editing!
This folder contains important information so if you want to reupload, keep the whole folder (dlc, txt, pics).

Author of scratch made model: Lazlow555
Original GTA IV model by: Lazlow555, darewnoo
Official GTA V convert by: darewnoo
Textures/liveries: darewnoo
Screenshots/edit: darewnoo
Upload: darewnoo
Email: darewnoo@interia.pl
Website: www.mods.darewnoo.pl

if you want to see the latest and archival progress of Daewoo converts for GTA V: http://www.darewnoo.pl/progress

v1.1 - Update 2018-06-02
It's big update. What's new? Click here

Features / pros
+ Original high quality convert
+ Original and full names in-game (PL, ENG)
+ Properly operating license plates from 11 countries!
+ The first ever mod with changeable VIN number (experimental)
+ 336 unique custom parts (711 in total)
+ 30 additional, dedicated types of wheels with correct names! (L0-L2)
+ 28 unique additional liveries in 4k (48 in total)
+ 5 types of body styles (3d, 5d, 4d, cabrio, pickup)
+ 4 brands: Daewoo, FSO, ZAZ, Chevrolet
+ Plenty of different additional parts
+ Realistic body colors (3d-8; 5d-18; 4d-5)
+ Random parts (3d-9; 5d-7; 4d-8)
+ Breakable mirrors, halogens and marker lights
+ Working additional sunroof
+ Good damage and realistic handling, performance
+ Doesn't collide with original models and parts from Benny's
+ Exhaust animation
+ Movable sunvisors (3d only)
+ Foldable passenger seat (3d only)
+ A possibility to lower the suspension
+ Working additional lighting
+ Can tow a small trailer
+ A lot of new textures and parts
+ Retextured whole model
+ Breakable glass with new texture
+ Correct LODs (L0-L3)
+ Removed bugs and holes from GTA IV
+ Working gauges
+ Working steering wheel and correct hand placement
+ Character sits correctly
+ Dirt and scratches on the bodywork
+ Tires blow-out correctly
+ Double-sided glass and bumpers
+ Separated fenders
+ Working neons
+ Openable bonnet, boot and doors (in custom parts too)
+ Customizable wheels
+ Works with FiveM
+ First Lanos for GTA V

Bugs / cons
- LODs aren't perfect (only reducing the amount of polygons), but work correctly ;)
- Low quality textures of some upholstery
- Hatchback collision model on cabrio and pickup, no collision model for addons on roof
- Rear bumper in 5d has L0 only (bug)
- Differences in the shades of 5d and sedan bodies (bug from GTA IV)
- No support for wipers script

Files (for 1.1v):
lanos3_hi.yft = 2,79 mb
lanos5_hi.yft = 3,25 mb
lanos4_hi.yft = 3,15 mb
lanos3.yft = 5,16 mb
lanos5.yft = 6,30 mb
lanos4.yft = 5,94 mb
.ytd = 37,4 mb
custom parts, liveries = 174 mb
custom wheels = 12,4 mb

addon: 251 mb
replace (3 cars): 94,4 mb
textures for FiveM: 9,68 mb
screens: 25 mb

Info for instalation is in Readme.

To spawn addon model enter: lanos3, lanos5 or lanos4
Replace: Blista (Lanos 3d), Dilettante (Lanos 5d), Asea (Lanos 4d)

Special thanks to:

Conrado967 - for making 4 new wheel styles and 1.3/1.5 engine especially for this convert

Dawids - for provide photos of "[S] 01-03" upholstery

MlodyPancerny - for sharing new version of sirens

Thanks to:
Lazlow555 - for making some other new tuning parts

Valkir, Karollo - for testing

ahmeda1999 - for sharing BMW engine

iksio - for translation

I'm waiting for comments, opinions, ratings and tips ;)

Next model: Daewoo Mirae Concept 1999

>>> 2018 © Lazlow555, darewnoo <<
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