2001 TVR Tuscan S [Unlocked] 1.0


2001 TVR Tuscan S
Unlocked model feel free to edit

Another quick convert, this one has a couple of bugs, main one being the wheels float slightly off the ground, not really noticeable when playing but is visible and i overlooked adding the undersides to the bonnet/boot.

Roof and spoiler are extra 1 and 2
Car is right hand drive (so entering/exiting can be a bit buggy)

Interior is low low looow quality

Installing car mods info https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/50/info-about-installing-car-mods

GTA Facebook group (with group only car mod downloads, free to everyone)

The purpose of the low quality interior models I've made a lot of is so every car in the game can be replaced with real world cars on a lower end computer without any severe lag to the game like what happens when you try replace all the street cars with 300000 poly "detailed down to every last screw" car models that give you 10fps, also these models may be lower quality but they are at least rare(ish) models.

All the models are unlocked for anyone who wants to improve the quality or make a different version, so this is providing more source material for those who cant convert cars but want to edit them.
exteriors are still good enough quality to blend into the gta graphics and not look out of place, don't like it don't download it these are background cars not screenshot cars.
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