Annis Elegy San-Shi [Add-On | Tuning] 1.1


Obviously, issa lore friendly Skyline R34 GT-R.

11 colors exclusively from the Annis Elegy San-Shi brochure, on top of it, check Benny's Garage for 5 crazy custom livery ideas(or in your trainer)
HID Headlights and working/breakable halogen lightbulbs all around comes standard with Sport Package
MacPhearson struts and rear biased All Wheel Drive gives the Elegy San-Shi the edge over its competitors in handling characteristics
A wide selection of mods at any Los Santos Customs near you!
You can even take your Elegy San-Shi to dirt roads!
The sensation of speed will glue your hands on the steering wheel
In case of emergency the glasses are breakable

If you like the car, please give me a follow on instagram at epsilonite.fbx,
I have some cool cars and music content!

How to install:
(modkit id 1923)
OpenIV, scripthookv, some form of trainer, gameconfig.xml for limitless vehicles, heapadjuster

1- Simply drag and drop the folder "elegysanshi" inside "update/x64/dlcpack/"in your root GTA5 folder.
2- In OpenIV go to /mods/update/update.rpf/common/data/dlclist.xml, then (with edit mode enabled) add the following line
to the end:
3- Spawn the car in game with the name "elegysanshi" with a trainer, or even better, use Add-On Vehicle Spawner and spawn it from the list in Coupes

This is my first attempt at a gta5 mod, so bare with me while we try to fix it in the upcoming months.
If you would like to help improve this model
currently I am looking for help for:

fancy screenshots/wallpapers maybe even videos :O
custom engine sounds
refining the handling to be better
moar liveries
even moar mods
also open for suggestions of course!
LODs will be added later
its unfortunate that when I add a collision box for the bosozoku pipe, it yeets the camera angle to the moon even when it is not equipped.
Because it is hilarous when you hit peds with it right to their head:D

You cannot use any part for your mod, or you cannot edit this mod without permission.
Message here in comments or in discord @ pingunator-6804 for contact.

Heavily edited and combined parts from Criterion Games and Turn10 Studios,
Also some parts are from GTA5 itself
Thanks to 13Stewartc for coping with all my questions and help!

defragmented the archive and reduced the file size
reduced the texture dictionary size
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