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Usually when people feel bad does things as drink a coffe, watch TV or even do yoga. But some people borns with a dream, with an objective in his life, with pride and heroism. I can defenetly say that I'm one of these persons. Today you can download probably the best mod ever created for GTA V, the BANSHUMAN!

Scientists have proven that using this mod your life will be a 7000% more happier, your hair will smell better and your sex appeal will rise over the moon.
(Margin of error of 7000%)

So, what it does exactly this mod? This mod changes the original Banshee sound with my sexy voice modified to sound like a crazy person taken from the nearest asylum in your town. Literally your car will scream.


1) Place all the files in the desktop or whatever you want.

2) Using OpenIV go to / mods (in case you've got a "mods" folder) / x64 / audio / sfx / STREAMED_VEHICLES_GRANULAR.rpf

3) Once there, click edit mode, go to "new" and select "Import openFormats". Select "supercar_8_us_v8.oac

4) Then go to / (mods) / x64 / audio / sfx / STREAMED_VEHICLES_GRANULAR_NPC , go to "new" and select "Import openFormats".
Select "supercar_8_us_v8_npc.oac

5) Exit OpenIV and start the game. Have fun ;)

Use the comments section for notify me any bug

Don't forget to credit me on your creations!
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