British ESSO Tanker Truck Lorry (UK) [Replace]

692946 tanker


Reskin of the Vanilla Tanker Trailer for the British petrol company, Esso.

Very simple vehicle reskin, but does the trick perfectly for what I am looking for.

Brilliant for anyone who is looking to make their GTA experience feel more British or European by removing the extremely American tanker truck.

I recommend this vehicle for the cab: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/mtl-brickade-semi-addon-handling (it is an add-on but you can easily change it to replace the vanilla cab models :P )

This model is not an identical copy of any real life vehicle.


You have my permission to modify and use my file in any way.
If you wish to reupload or redistribute my file, please contact me first and give due credit.

Credit to Rockstar Games for the original tanker model
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