Declasse Indiana Pack [Add-On | Tuning | LODs] 1.0


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The Declasse Indiana has had many uses over it's long life-span, nowadays being mainly a farmers tool or some surfer kids protest against the modern world, each and every single of these square pick-up trucks tell a unique story.

Back in the day it was mainly used as a typical blue-collar vehicle, the ungodly amount of early 80's displacement made for a good and reliable tool. Back then often used to unsuccessfully try to seduce hitchhikers that are half your age on the bench seat, while on the way home from the bar, drunk.

Nowadays it's about setting statements, or rather you just being too poor to afford that 2022 Vapid Caracara and looking for excuses.

Voted best pick-up truck in it's class by methamphetamine dealers across Blaine County
Also voted best pick-up truck for farming coca leaves in Cayo Perico (I don't speak their language)

This is a pack which includes both Declasse Indiana single-cab aswell as the Indiana XL crew-cab.
Both share a big variety of tuning parts, with some exclusive to each variant. Be sure to check the extras, too!

This was originally a Max Payne 3 car which I made for GTA V in early 2021, I have pretty much re-done it from the ground up since late October.
After the single-cab Indiana was finished, I decided to make the crew-cab Indiana XL ontop of it.
I will list all the significant changes in the "Features" section.

- Supports all features of the game (LOD, breaking glass, dirt, burnt texture etc.)
- Many tuning parts
- Weighted normals via tris to quads method (Blender)
- Converted 3D panel-gaps into baked GTA V-style panel gaps
- Baked AO
- Exclusive tuning parts for Indiana
- Exclusive tuning and extra parts for Indiana XL
- Working, colorable, customizable interior
- Towing capabilities
- Unreasonable gas mileage

Known bugs:
- Using the surfboard prop set in "Roof" will collide with the rollbar tuning parts in "Chassis"

Special thanks to 13Stewartc for a lot of technical help on Blender and on some of the bugs I encountered
Algonquin Hood for ripping, converting, remaking the model
San Andreas Republic community for allowing me to early test the trucks on a wide audience
iiMitch for tuning ideas & criticism
JSMRACECAR03 for tuning ideas & criticism
Woodhouse for putting up with me and adding new Indiana builds to the SAR server every week
Rockstar Games for making the "EXM V6" for Max Payne 3

Media credits:
Pal - Video: "Declasse Indiana XL", screenshots: 14, 15
JSMRACECAR03 - Screenshots: 2, 5, 7, 9, 10, 16
Woodhouse - Screenshots: 3
Modkit ID: 1299, 1300
Spawncodes: indiana, indianaxl
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