Ford Crown LSPD Sheriff Pack [Addon] 1.1


What is this? Okey, this is a LS Sheriff pack for FORD CROWN LOVERS. I created 11 different Crowns for patroling the whole state. This pack is addon and read the below for more information.
Sorry for my bad English.

I make vehicles and police cars and skins addon for self use but why I do not upload for others?
Thanks for the community, I used prebuilt & dev vehicles and skins. I just make them addon.
I mention owner of skins and vehicles below.

I used vehicles from DustyFlop, Commander Carter, Emergency112.

Attention: you should have a car spawner. Better to use OpenIV for install.
1. Download and extract.
2. Copy "crownsheriffpack" folder to mods/update/x64/dlcpacks.
3. Open & add this dlcpacks:\crownsheriffpack\ line to the end of file "dlclist.xml" in path:
4. now use spawn names to spawn car.

In update v1.1, 2 Crowns added.
The pack contains 9+2 crowns:

** here is the car names and their spawn names:
1. Green Sheriff: (crown1)
2. Brown County Sheriff: (crown2)
3. NYPD Sheriff: (crown3)
4. Highway Patrol: (crown4)
5. LSPD Sheriff: (crown5)
6. Walking dead blue Sheriff: (crown6)
7. Brown County Sheriff2: (crown7)
8. LSPD Police: (crown8)
9. LSPD Slick top: (crown9)
** Added Crowns in v1.1:
10. LS State sheriff: (crown10) ***This crown is ELS. I put the ELS file in the archive.***
11. LS UnderCover sheriff: (crown11)

- Add State troop liveries.
- Replace all of models with mine.
- Add more ELS cars.
- Add detective and unmarked model.

- Added 2 new Crowns, completely different from other Crowns. Texture and Body, is Original without any edition.
- Added custom handling.meta file. If it is bad, comment below.
- Added an ELS Crown (crown10).
- My textures and my models replaced. now most models are from me.
- Changed wheels and Sirens. Stock and in-game textures used.

See the orginal vehicles and skins here:
* https://www.gta5-mods.com/paintjobs/ls-county-sheriff-1999-ford-crown-victoria
* https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/1999-ford-crown-victoria-p71-la-co-sheriff
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