World of Transportation (Life in Motion) [OIV] 13.1





Enhance the transportation environment of Los Santos with this mod. By replacing the old outdated models and textures provided in the Vanilla game, new updated files are now provided with HD and 4K support. Drive around Los Santos and witness the new passenger trains pass by and the longer 6-car trams pass by you in the train station. Drive down the highway and watch new modernized coaches and MAN city-lions commuters pass by, and look up into the sky and watch new 787's and 737MAX's fly by. Drive down the streets of Del Perro and see new taxi cabs, and trucks roll down the streets. Truly experience the reality of transportation with this mod. Thank you for all of the support throughout this mods existence.

-New models for mostly ALL transportation vehicles
-The original bus model is now replaced with the new MAN City Lions Bus
-The jet is replaced with the 787 thanks to SkylineGTRFreak
-The Shamal is replaced with the 737 thanks to SkylineGTRFreak
-The old freight train is replaced with a much more modernized Passenger Train
-The Tram has been updated to match the skins of those with the other models
The coach is now replaced with a new Marcopolo 1200 model
-The Airtug and Ripley have new American Airline's prints on them
The pounder and mule have real companies on the sides now
-The taxi features new advertisements with real companies
-Much of the truck trailers have also been replaced with new brand name companies
-The mailtrucks have been replaced to USPS and FedEx skins
The Airport bus has a new touchdown rentals skin to match that of the original one
-And there's much more to come, many models and textures to replace in GTAV


Version 13.1
-Fixed carvariations
-Added carvariations in update.rpf
-Bug Fixes

Version 13.0
-Switched back to original train model
-Less crashing and bug fixes

Version 12.0
-New Train Model by MrGTAmodsGerman
-Added Skins for Trailer2
-Added Skins for Trailer3
-Added Skins for Boxville2
-Added Skins for Boxville3

Version 11.3
-Train bug fixes

Version 11.2
-Bug fixes for train and xml files

Version 11.1
-Fixed freightcont2 bug

Version 11.0
-Added skins for Pounder
-Added skins for mule
-Added skins for taxi

Version 10.5
-Bug fixed with OIV file
-Replaced the incorrect freightcont2 files
-Fixed the freight engine oiv bug

Version 10.4
-Re-Added Manual Install Folder

Version 10.3
-Added missing freight.yft, .ytd, hi.yft and hi.ytd files

Version 10.2
-Fixed Carvariation.ymt problem

Version 10.1
-Fixed OIV

Version 10.0
-Added new skins for the ripley and airtug
-New model and skin for the airport bus
-New Coach Model

Version 9.0
-Added OIV Support

Version 8.2
-Added all train files due to larger file acceptance
-Added jet+hi.ytd

Version 8.1
-Fixed File extensions
-Added bus+hi.ytd

Version 8.0
-New Bus Models
-Carvariations.ymt converted

Version 7.1
-Bug fixes

Version 7.0
-NEW airplane update
-787-8 added
-737MAX-9 added

Version 6.2
-Fixed bumper of the train

Version 6.0
-new metro northwest livery for the train

Version 5.0
-New train model
-New skins and liveries
-stability fixes
-skin bug fixes

Version 4.0
-Bug fixes for trains.xml
-fixed issues with some YTD files

Version 3.5
-EXTREME bug fixes
-Fixed most crashing with Passenger Trains

Version 3.0
-NEW: Passenger Trains and Cars

Version 2.0
-added two files for the tram, one for a four car, and one for 6 car
-new traintracks.xml to increase speeds for trams and freight trains
-new coach bus

Version 1.0
-new skins for buses
-bug fixes on the tram skins
-bug fixes for the trains.xml

Version 0.9.5 BETA
-more people on the tram

Version 0.9 BETA
-Bug Fixes
-New Vehicle Files and Skins

Version 0.5 BETA
-Initial Public Release

Version 0.1 ALPHA
-Testing Phases

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First Uploaded: Venres 7 de Outubro de 2016
Last Updated: Domingo 3 de Marzo de 2019
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