Lore-friendly Sports Wheels Pack [Add-On | LODs] 2.1.1


Completely remastered all vanilla GTA V Sports wheels with different, higher quality tire textures. Wheel radius has been reduced, and many fixes and improvements have been made to the wheels, including but not limited to, detailed lug nuts, center caps and lug holes. Also added are custom-made wheels and remade wheels from different vanilla categories with plans to add more. This pack is an Add-On and is permitted to be used in FiveM servers.

-42 sets of wheels with various paint configurations, chrome versions, and custom tire writing versions for all, resulting in 308 added wheel models.
---Of those 42, 25 sets are remakes of vanilla Sports category wheels. The rest are either completely new, very slightly based on some vanilla wheels, or from different categories, albeit also completely remade.
-Full LODs, dirt mapping and often times better optimization than vanilla wheel counterparts, despite the increase in fine details.
-Names with a suffix of AP (Atomic Performance) to differentiate them from vanilla wheels in mod menu lists.

This mod is INCOMPATIBLE with any mod that changes the default tire textures.
One of the most widespread being NVE.

-Remastered every sports wheel in the game, along with adding a couple extra ones.

-Re-remastered every sports wheel in the game, along with adding a few extra ones.

-Added Double Impact wheel set
-Remade Inferno wheel sets yet again, this time for the final time, hopefully
-Fixed slight dirt mapping issues on S Racer, Ice Kid, and Split Star

-Hotfix for a parity issue between a wheel and its custom tire writing counterpart

-TG_Stig for letting me modify and use his custom made tire textures
-NastyWiNN3R, Capimeeen, and Sirocc for screenshots

Special Credits:
-GTA IV High Quality Vehicle Pack by austen64
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First Uploaded: Xoves 22 de Outubro de 2020
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