2016 Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 Shooting Brake [Chromed-& Blacked out] 3.4


► 2016 Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 Shooting Brake ◄

- My 31st car mod
- 3D Model: CSR2
- donor parts: ProjectCars
- Add-on / Replace (Exemplar / F620)
- At least patch 1.0.1180.2 is required!

Version 3.4:
- Added adapted Lurcher's "Hangman's Grave" livery
- Fixed some LODs parts
- Fixed rear bumper template
- Optimized some textures

Version 3:
- 2 car versions (Chromed & Blacked out). Can be spawned separately.
- Fixed mistakes in the mesh
- New (Dunlop) tire textures
- Improved and retextured interior, more parts added
- Improved ALL textures and materials
- Improved lights (no flickering in R* editor)
- New "Edition 1" livery (4K)
- Improved under-bumper parts
- Improved front bumper "Benz" logo
- Improved undercarriage
- Vibrating engine
- New plates
- 1 new extra: front bumper tuning
- Better dials symbols position, like on the original

No alternative wheels versions now, sorry. Use different wheels packs instead.

Version 1.1 - 1.8:
- Rotors were added to LODs
- Add-On
- Multiple liveries support [should be activated in vehicle.meta for the replace version, read the installation info!]
- 7 liverys: Edition1, SpyShot Circles, SpyShot Square, Blob Camo Desert, Carbon, Zombie, Сhameleon (Livery templates 2K/4K inside the archive)
- fixed headlights direction
- new windows collision
- New glass badges and fixed their transparence
- Functionality of front lights changed
- Improved interior and grill textures

Version 1.0:
- HQ Exterior, Interior & Engine
- 5 Paint options:
● Primary: body
● Secondary: brake calipers
● Wheels (only via trainer)
● Interior parts (stitch, perforated leather etc) and a part of front bumper (only via trainer in benny mod shop)
● Dash lights (only via trainer in benny mod shop) (new feature!)
- Door mirrors fall off by a hard collision (new feature!)
- 2 Extras: front license plate, trunk part
- Front license plate fall off by any collision
- Working lights
● Indicators OFF - white / indicators ON - orange
- Dashboard lights (you can turn on & off) (paintable in benny mod shop)
- Working steeringwheel and dials
- GTA license plates
- LODs (car & wheels dont disappear in the distance)
- Breakable windows (with dirt and cracks on it)
- Full body dirt
- Burn area
- HQ Panorama mirror reflections
- Correct door opening
- Bullet impact
- under-bumper parts
- Textured undercarriage
- Correct window tint (no tint on lights & windscreen)
- window badges
- Hands on steeringwheel
- Correct seat position for all 4 peds
- Correct exhaust smoke position
- Correct neon lights position
- Correct platelight position

The car [replace version] spawns always with black Paint6 (Interior parts) and Paint7 (dashboard lights). After you changed the colors and restarted the game, both paint ares droped to black again.

Installation (Replace / Add-on):
- Read the README file inside the archive

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