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Nissan GT-R 2017 [Add-On / Replace] 1.7

Hey guys, Another Upload! :D

[SokudoChasers Modding Group]

[SokudoChasers Youtube Channel]

Original Model By Turn 10 Studios (Forza Horizon 3)
Full converted To V by Me, But with a big help from: FillipJDM, Just_Riko, y97y and erfet!
Door interiors and Taillights from Dantsp's GTR 17'
Add-on version by kizacudo
Photos By: Zaid and Dimlow Media

Tuning and Template will come in the Final Version (Next Update)
The tuning in Add-on version is just to maitain the Add-on Architeture! (Spoilers By Dantsp), New tuning parts will come on the Next Update.

Any Suggestion/Criticism, on the Comments section :D


Special Thanks to: Just_Riko, FilipJDM, erfet, ToneBee_DTD, y97y, dantsp, kizacudo, Zaid, DimLow Media, Frazzlee and All Sokudo Chasers Group! :D

This mod will be avaible for download too on the brand new Sokudo Chasers Site!

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Data da última actualización: 5 hours ago
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  • 340404 tumblr nxo1pekots1u42ja4o1 540
    Comentario destacado

    -Interior Textures - fixed
    -Suspension Bug - fixed
    -Glass tint - fixed
    -Wheel Badges bug - fixed

    -HQ Body/Interior/wheels
    -HQ Engine
    -Lights Working
    -Hands on Steering Wheel
    -Breakble Glass
    -Original Spoiler as extra_1

    To do:
    -Digital Dials
    -Real Mirror Reflection

    7 hours ago
  • Tubeguy

    @GlobalHawk_MSI I mean you could always be more cautious and have some antivirus and a rollback date ready, but I am a tad curious as to how this even came to be. I downloaded this mod too alongside many others and have yet to meet anything that'll negatively affect my gaming performance. Though I can't speak for everyone here, you should always be wary of downloads online no matter how trusted it is, hence you should always have some form of protection and restore point handy in case anything happens

    hai 3 días
  • Ef2b57 96171851861

    @BolinhodeVenus okay man!! Btw this mod is great...

    hai 3 días
  • Tracey

    hello! I just got back from a long trip "Minnesota"
    I just read above replies and comments and the spawn name is gtr17 not godzilla
    lol.... thank you for your response and very appreciated

    hai un día
  • 340404 tumblr nxo1pekots1u42ja4o1 540

    @mouaherbert Oh yeah bro 😎 Haha, don't problem bro, I'm here to help

    hai un día
  • 845b18 honda

    @BolinhodeVenus Interior textures looks a bit strange ( too much dark, a different color textures will help ) 2. There is no handbrake light and indicators light on dashboard 3. turn light only works on trunk but not on head light and side panel of vehicle 3. you need to cheek the collision level too, when you crash the car even the brake rotor get deform. 4 the taillights coronas are misplaced.

    13 hours ago
  • Gtao61

    since you got help from y97y, imma have to try this!

    11 hours ago
  • 340404 tumblr nxo1pekots1u42ja4o1 540

    @JCM On my note bro! :D Thanks for the advices, it helps a lot bro!

    9 hours ago
  • 340404 tumblr nxo1pekots1u42ja4o1 540

    @Dwayne95 Haha, just a little help with some small things :/ But the update is coming, and the car will be better ;)

    9 hours ago
  • 845b18 honda

    @BolinhodeVenus Even your mod has this little issues is one of the better GTR in here. I hope you get some time to fix the issues it has so you may set a new parameter of HQ car release.. BTW good job

    6 hours ago
  • 772b4a ‪+92 322 7542665‬ 20160530 123446

    @BolinhodeVenus Perfect for use

    5 hours ago
  • Tubeguy

    LODs are planned too? :)

    4 hours ago
  • 340404 tumblr nxo1pekots1u42ja4o1 540

    @GreenAid What?

    4 hours ago
  • Default

    @BolinhodeVenus still no custom tires textures? Please replace shitty atomics... please man!

    3 hours ago
  • 340404 tumblr nxo1pekots1u42ja4o1 540

    @salve Sorry, I will :(

    3 hours ago
  • 2e86ab

    Awesome mod, but a few tips;
    fix the dials ( they're like racing flags)
    please include the blinkers in the dials, a big part to the realism
    idk if it's on my side, but the spoilers aren't working
    add some tuning options.
    Right now, it should be 4/5, but I'm going to rate it 5/5 because you're pretty active to take suggestions and I'm pretty sure you'll consider these.

    3 hours ago
  • Tubeguy

    Levels of Detail, for when the car is far. I would like to use it in traffic

    2 hours ago
  • 340404 tumblr nxo1pekots1u42ja4o1 540

    @Mid Night Club Hm, On the note bro! :D Thanks for all the tips/advices, and sure, i will fix all the bugs :D This helps me a lot bro!

    2 hours ago
  • Default

    @BolinhodeVenus I hope you will ;) dont forget also that front wheels should be placed bit more inside arch wheel

    2 hours ago
  • Default

    change the tires , put some interior lights on the steering wheel buttons

    hai 5 minutos
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