Vapid Flash CS: Part of the Reign VI Pack. [Addon] B


The Fallen Has Been Avenged.

A Major Rework from Purple Reign. Now Resembles The Fast and The Furious Saga vehicles.

Vehicles in the Pack
2014 Vapid Flash CS
2017 Hellenbach Caracara
2016 Mr. Rad Esskey Warmachine
1969 Declasse Vigero SS
2016 Pfister Comet Targa
1998 Declasse Burrito T-FATV (Optional)

Season 1
1.0 - Initial Release
1.1 - New handling files provided by Eddlm, other issues within the file resolved.
Season 2
1.0 - Initial Release
Version B - Complete Rework

Known Bugs: T-FATV: Broken Collisions, Turret firing missiles, and Tracks unrigged. Comes as an option.

AbsolutelyHalal- Curator and Organizer
Thundersmacker, Dani02 - Declasse Vigero SS (Improved Vigero)
Paulmiskit - Comet Targa SR (Comet Blume)
Igno, Bduck - Vapid Flash CS
Ring-a-Ding - Esskey Warframe
GOM - The Legend
GogoDG - Liveries
We "webby" - Caracara 4x4
Ydro of Ydrop - Hellenbach E-109
Eddlm - Handling
Valante Luize Sushi, NastyWinner- Pictures

And Many others i may have forgotten about

Livery Credits
GogoDG - Various

If you want to use these cars / vehicles, please contact me on discord. You will find me on the Vanillaworks Server.
Replication / Redistrubution on any other modding sites apart from 5mods is strictly prohibited./b>

Vanillaworks Standard License Format (VSmLF-1.0)

By downloading this package and/or it's cumulative updates, you will agree the following terms and conditions.

Modifying this package and it's contents except the text data such as handling, meta files and modkit, uploading or hosting it elsewhere as is or in a modified state, using it on multiplayer game clients such as FiveM servers without author's permission and selling, paywalling or monetizing in any shape or form is prohibited. Failing to comply these terms will result in copyright complaints against offending individuals and/or entities on respective platforms. To get permission to use this content in your multiplayer clients, please contact me at my discord.
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