Vacca Handling Mod (RWD, 4WD) 1.07c Final


This handling.meta mod is designed to make the handling of the Vacca much more lifelike in terms to it's real-life counterpart, Lamborghini Gallardo. The engine is actually based on a RMR V10, instead of the in-game 5.1 Liter 540hp.

For realism, I have increased the top speed to 192mph matched with the Gallardo instead of the in-game speed of 120mph (although the in-game browser said 190mph). I reduced the amount of wheel spin and engine rev on takeoff, making it take off as if it really would without sliding all over the place. I also raised the weight, as the current weight was set at about 2700lb, when it needed to be set at about 3500lb instead. With this, I increased the traction, and allowed the car to turn slightly more sharply with less slip, so you don't spin out. The brake force has also been increased for relatively quick stopping (bot obviously not perfect). One last thing I did after that was also raise the force of the suspension, stiffening it just enough to be realistic.

1. One thing I'd like to do is to be able to decrease the acceleration to about 3.9sec. It's currently at about 2.1sec and I would like to raise that for the intention of realism. However, to do this I would have to lower the top speed. Once I have figured this out I will fix accordingly.

1.01: Fixed the oversteer, slightly increased brake force, lowed the acceleration speed, slightly increased grip.
1.06: There are now two version and tweaks. I lowered the car on the suspension very slightly, increased shift speeds, increased brake power slightly, lowered acceleration time, slightly hardened suspension, and fixed the steering, as well as handbrake! In my opinion it is now perfect.
1.07b: Fixed AWD a bit.
1.07c: I had some message me that the ReadMe containing the vehicle data was wrong. Sorry folks! That's fixed now.
There is also now a 4-wheel drive version. This one drives slightly faster (201mph), slightly softer suspension, and hugs the roads nice and tight in turns, as well as shifts and accelerates a tad faster.


Please leave feedback and request updates/new vehicles as well as videos if you want.

Do not upload this mod anywhere else without my permission.
Do not claim you made this mod.

-Credit to TheAdmiester for Readme template.
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