HK G28 [EFT, Replace, Modular] 1.1

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Marksman rifle used mainly by the German Bundeswehr.

Marksman Rifle mk2 replace.

2 types of bodies.
Iron sights tailored to each body. Zeroing is correct.
2 types of scopes.
Replaceable stock.
B&T SD suppressor for G28.
Bipod decoration.

In principle, please install all the listed meta, ydr, ytd.
Choose between a standard or patrol body. Choose the iron sights that are suitable for the body you have chosen.
Choose standard PMII scope or PMII short scope.
Official holo sight, medium scope not aligned. We may add holo sights and dat sights in the future.
Operation has been confirmed only in the story. Basically, we do not support FiveM, etc., so please do it yourself.

--How to installation--
Described in Readme.
Please read it carefully as it contains details. See also 'installation path'.

--Update log--
Ver 1.1 Magazine improvements. Translucent. 2 variations full load and empty. Added ytd for special ammo magazines.

You may encounter the glitches described in my forum topic.

Battlestate Games
John Wicked Doe

Please do not re-upload. Also, please do not upload to other sites.
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