Vom Feuer Anti-Materiel Rifle [Add-On | Animated | Tints | Lore-Friendly] 1.2


A portable cannon you have been always looking for in your entire criminal career. Nobody can stop you now, no matter if it's armored vehicles, attack helicopters, fighter jets or flying bikes. This mean sonovagun could kill a building.


1.0 - Initial release
1.1 - Added custom sound by using "M82" sounds from weapons.awc
1.2 - Further improvements to the sound edits

According to game files, WEAPON_AMRIFLE is one of weapons that were removed from the game.
* It was possibly supposed to be added in Last Team Standing update but later in development got replaced by Marksman Rifle.
* This is evidenced by the fact that Marksman Rifle uses AMRIFLE bullet casing which doesn't even match what the gun is supposed to be firing.
* We don't know what exactly AMRIFLE was but considering we have the bullet and know it's partial name (Which possibly stands for Anti-Materiel Rifle), it's possible to connect the dots.
This mod is supposed to be a reimagined version of the cut weapon, imagine this is Heavy Sniper Mk II but as a stock model.

Rifle Features:

* Removal of those dumb patterns! Now you can appreciate your sniper in all it's mean & clean glory.
* Higher damage and better penetration - if you wanna play it rough.
* Increased rate of fire - Bang bang point and shoot! Just make sure you don't blow your arms off.
* Increased vehicle damage - Destroying mobile targets was never this fun!
* Increased window destruction - Instead of firing fifty shots like a maniac you can now fire only three to break a bulletproof window.
* Extended magazine - Now you will switch to your secondary less often!
* Incendiary rounds - We all love a bit of BBQ on a sunday night.
* Explosive rounds - If you can't fight fire with fire, you might as well try explosions.
* Red scope glass - No more of that piss yellow!
* Bored of tints? Check out our new assortment of camo patterns made specifically for this gun!

Available Attachments:

* Standard Clip - 5 round capacity.
* Extended Clip - 10 round capacity.
* Incendiary Rounds - 5 round capacity with ammunition that sets your targets on fire.
* Explosive Rounds - 5 round capacity with ammunition that explodes on impact.
* Standard Scope
* Advanced Scope
* Ironsights (Folded) - Add folded ironsights from Heavy Sniper Mk II
* Ironsights (Unfolded) - Add unfolded ironsights from Heavy Sniper Mk II (NOTE: These are unusuable as of right now, i will update the mod at some point with ability to take off the scope and use ironsights, it just needs adjusting in first person)


* Blue Zebra - Nostalgia kicks in once again.
* Red Leopard - Show how proud you are of your hipfiring sniper abilities.
* Hazard - Stand in somebody's way with a bold yellow pattern.
* Tribal Orange - Imagine being lost on a beach full of pirates, that is crazy.
* Dollar Bills - Display your wealth on your gun, just like you do on your APC. I mean who cares at this point?
* Colored Sessanta Nove / Gold Sessanta Nove - High-end fashion on your sniper rifle!
* Skull - Maybe you have a thing for bones.
* True Ruffian - A camo with mix of dark brown, gray and red. If you know, you know.
* Christmas - Ho Ho Ho motherfucker! *pulls the trigger*
* Vinewood Nights (Retro) - A 80's fetishist's true retrowave dream.


Default Model:
* Black
* Green
* Gold
* Pink
* Army
* Police
* Orange
* Platinum
* Vom Feuer Brown
* Vom Feuer Tan
* Vom Feuer Silver
* Vom Feuer Green
* Vom Feuer Black

Vinewood Nights:
* Pink & Cyan
* Yellow & Hot Pink
* Hot Pink & Teal
* Blue & Dark Purple
* Purple & Green
* Light Orange & Light Pink
* Red & White
* White
* Teal & Hot Pink
* Electric Blue & Dark Purple
* Lime & Purple
* Pastel Red & Orange
* Brown & Green

Mod Features:

* Add-on
* Fully Animated
* Working Tints
* Supports Attachments
* Working Collisions
* Weapon kills displays in stats menu


* Rockstar Games - Original Assets
*Dexyfex/Codewalker - Audio editing support.
* Slick (me) - The works


1.Open the zip and then drag and drop the "slick_amrifle" folder to mods\update\x64\dlcpacks.
2.Add slick_amrifle entry to dlclist.xml located in mods\update\update.rpf\common\data (Look at original lines for reference).
3.Enjoy your new sniper.

Weapon spawn name is WEAPON_AMRIFLE. I recommend using Zolika's trainer because it automatically detects addon weapons and attachments making all of this much easier.
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