Osaka Loop (Hanshin Expressway Loop Line) [Add-on SP/FiveM] 1.0 Full Package


Nagoya's bigger cousin is here for the public. Once again I give thanks to Namco for WMMT, the Wangan Midnight Emulation discord/Xentax Forums for exporting the files, and the sollumz crew for help along the way. This project also took a while to get right but it's finally ready for release. This expressway got added to the list of Japan-based racing/cruising maps in my vault a while back but I just got around to "finishing" it. Hope you enjoy racing around this loop.

- Put the basedosakawmmt folder in the dlcpacks folder (mods > update > x64 > dlcpacks)
- Go to the dlclist.xml and make sure it's enabled.
Make sure you have ScriptHookV, OpenIV, No Boundary Limits, a Trainer, Packfile/Heap Adjuster and custom gameconfig (all can be found on this website). I tested this in SP and FiveM. It works so double check your game if crashes happen.
- Instructions for the traffic is in the download

Located South of the Docks

- Drop the basedosakawmmt folder into your server resources and ensure it in the server.cfg

This is compatable with Nagoya and Fukuoka

Version 1.0
- Initial release

- None that I can spot. Maybe traffic lines need improving but they are good enough for right now.
- Making all of the animated stuff work. A small amount work right now

Contact is Based 6157 on discord

The source file were pulled from a forum post on the Xentax forums and Wmmt Emulation Discord. Credit goes to the original poster (sorry but idk who) extracting the files from WMMT5.

Tools Used:
Blender Sollumz Plugin
Photoshop CS6
bms.exe/Pokken Nut Extractor
FiveM (testing)
Discord (files from WME and help from Sollumz)
Xentax Forums (Research)
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